Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sydney Cricket Test - My thoughts

What used to be called 'A Gentleman's game' is no longer valid considering the ways the players behave these days. Add to it the insults of poor umpiring and Cricket has gone to dogs I must say.

Not sure if Ponting and Co. felt ashamed, but if I were Ponting I'd concede defeat. Yeah, that would be apt considering the bad decisions that went in their favor.

The Indian team which cries wolf now ( thanks to losing the Border-Gavaskar Trophy) never uttered a word ( did they?) about the decisions that have gone in their favor the last 2 tests !

Bottom Line - These things happen in cricket. Considering the money these days, a cricketer won't worry staying even if he knows he is out plumb!

Let's now go to Perth. If I were the selector I'd drop Yuvraj and Jaffer. Sehwag takes Jaffer's place and they can probably try Irfan, since he is a good all-rounder.

Dear Bhajji - You were a fool to do what you did before the TV cameras. The whole word was watching you when you called Symonds and told something. In fact I watched it too. It only proved that you started it.

No matter what the Aussies did to you ( outside the camera may be ), you must have used your brains and kept quiet in front of the TV cameras ! You didn't and you've paid the price.

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dhaaa said...

bhajji is an idiot and he have to face the consequences even if they have done something provocative he should have kept shut and showed that in his game.