Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Santa's visit on Dec-25-2007 cost me a few hundred dollars. The kids got an IPOD Nano and a WII Game.

Dad knew that Santa wouldn't give him anything so he went and bought himself a KLIPSCH IGROOVE for his MP3 Player ( Sansa ) .

Oh Yeah, that's my story. I love the IGROOVE. It costs only a quarter of the BOSE SOUNDDOCK but unlike Bose, it can connect to any MP3 player.

I love the sound quality. It's amazing and fills the room. I am glad I bought the IGROOVE.

If you are in the market for IPOD speakers please check out the IGROOVE. They cost 80$ at Sam's Club.


Jo said...

That looks so cool!

.:: Roshni ::. said...

yea it does..i'd been looking for one such to hook my iPod, thanks for the sharing your exp..will check it out.