Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cricket's day of shame - Sydney Morning Herald

Photo courtesy: Sydney Morning Herald

Money talks. That's what the article says.

Cricket Australia was anxious to have the charge dropped because it feared its board would be sued for a figure understood to be about $60 million if India quit the tour.

India's broadcast partner, ESPN, owns the lucrative contract to beam cricket from Australia into the subcontinent. If ESPN sued successfully, it could take 10 years to recoup the losses, Cricket Australia told the players.

Whatever happened, nobody knows other than Harbhajan, Symonds and others who were able to listen to them from close proximity.

It's time to move on and put this stupid act behind. If I were Harbhajan, Sreesanth or anyone with high temper I would take this as a wake up call, shut up and play the game.

The Aussies who are known for their sledging must also shut up and not cry later about money and power.

Jan-30-2008 is Mahatma Gandhi's 60th death anniversary.
India/Indians call him the 'Father of the nation'.

Let's remember that he won the British with his 'Ahimsa'.


dhaaa said...

Aahimsa is irrelevant these days.

What happened to the malaysian tamil when they choose to protect thru ahimsa?

Arun said...

When human is dead, it doesn't mean that the soul is dead as well.

Ahimsa is like energy. It is the only way to end the hatred, poverty, ignorance, and what ever social evil you can say.

In tamil, there is a saying - "கத்தி எடுத்தவனுக்கு கத்தியாலதான் சாவு"
meaning, one who raises the sword will die by that.

What other solution do you have for Malaysian tamils?
Ahimsa is the one and only solution.
Ahimsa is the only reason why India is prospering late and not suffering like Pakistan.
[i]Let's remember that he won the British with his 'Ahimsa'. [/i]
Well said.