Monday, January 28, 2008

Adelaide Cricket Test - My Thoughts

  • Great work Sehwag ! You proved your critics wrong.
  • Wonderful century by Tendulkar to prove that he still has some game left in him.
  • Shame on the Indian team Management to ask Pathan to open when they had a specialist opener in form (Dinesh Kartik).
  • Dhoni - Just like his counterpart Yuvraj doesn't deserve a place in the test team. He is best playing the shorter version of the game.
  • Ponting finally played well and saved his face and grace.
  • Harbhajan - Remember, Sehwag bowled better than you at Adelaide !
About the Test Series
  • I was debating if Australia can be stopped. And that's exactly what India did. Derailed them at Perth and drew Adelaide. That's a commendable effort. Hat off Kumble and Co. for pulling this off.
  • It is not good news that Australia won the series. India lost in spite of going with seniors in the team. Heck - What would have been the difference had we lost with an young team?
  • I wait for news about retirements from all the seniors in the Indian team. Will it happen? Not in my dreams..not with Indian players !

This series will be long remembered for

India finally halting Australia's winning streak.

Harbhajan vs. Symonds.
Sehwag's great comeback.
Ishant Sharma.

Gilchrist's retirement.
Ponting's struggle against Ishant and Harbhajan.

Steve Bucknor's pathetic umpiring.


Anonymous said...

you are naive in your assessment. You need to work in management to understand how to book bad news..

Say for a moment that the seniors says "We retire".. do you think they have the freedom to do it? they would have to manage it as the pressures on the BCCI and the "titans" who run it would be enormous. They need to manage every news, and retirement news would be more than they could chew.....

imagine this - if a person dies because Sachin does not score, what would happen if he announces retirement. Suddently, you would have self immolation everywhere...

what india needs is succession planning and execution. Its not the fault of seniors....their body is telling them "go, you are done"...but they cannot due to pressure

Anonymous said...

"specialist open in form (Dinesh Kartik)" ???. Sure u must be joking for Dinesh Kartik is neither a specialist opener nor was he in form.

Barani said...

Dinesh Kartik defly deserved at least one chance downunder. He was one of the top scorers last year for India with the exception of Pakistan series. Even there he showed signs of getting back to form with a quickfire 20's when the team demanded and then a quick fire 50 in the last innings.

Again against ACT XI he scored 97.

He is a guy with very good attitude. I have never seen any Indian substitute fielder field with so much enthu,

Dhoni can improve on his test batting especially on fast pitches, he defly has the capability.

so when we play 4 bowlers we can play both karthik and dhoni and when we play 5 bowlers we can play Karthik instead of dhoni

On Retirements.
The seniors should phase their retirements properly. The Board should plan for it after talking to the seniors.

RD might be the first to go followed by Dada. Sachin can hang on for an year or two playing only selective matches, the team will defly benifit by his prescence.

laxman can hang on for sometime too, given that they play him only test matches.

Raina/Gambhir should aim for Ganguly's spot.

Badri/Pujara/Virat Kohli for Dravid

don't see anyone taking Sachin's spot.

Piyush/Murali Karthik/Ashwin should aim for Kumble's spot.

He he he too much analysis :)