Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I can't believe this Abuse case !

I've been reading this in a few Indian newspapers today. I have a gut feeling these are a set of lies. If the girl or her parents / friends can prove to me otherwise, I'd definitely apologize.

Now, why do I think these are potential lies ?

This is what has been reported by Ms.Muthumari Bhadrinath:

“He abused me physically, beat me for 15-20 minutes daily. He bit me on my hands. When I requested him to take me to a doctor, he took me there and told the doctor it was a bee bite,” she says.

I have been living in the US for quite a few years now and I know how the law works here.

  • The doctors here are trained and even counseled to look for injuries due to physical abuse ( bee-bite vs bite injuries ? Doctors aren't idiots)
  • The person being abused has to just call 911 for help from the cops. Why didn't she call?
  • Especially women and children - They get the highest priority for abuse.
  • I know a lot of cases where the system has been abused ! Men/women/kids lie about abuse !

Something doesn't smell right here. I feel sad for Ms. Muthumari Bhadrinath, her child and her husband who is in the US.

I hope the authorities in India don't rush to any conclusion based on Ms.Muthumari Bhadrinath's complaint.


Prem Abraham said...

NV - Going to the authorities will only initiate the process, and it could actually start a legal battle, which could have cost her lots of money. Also, without knowing what is to going to happen (fear of the unknown), if she complains, she could have avoided it completely, especially in a foreign country.

It is hard to be in her shoes, but we ourselves might have encountered similiar situations where we know it is not right, but we fail to complain.

Again, this does not mean what is being said actually happened, we have to hear the otherside of the story also.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Venkit,
I think it's easy to make lot of assumptions and presumptions without knowing facts. For one thing when you call 911 they try to rescue the victim but the cops are not entitled to make any judgement regarding child custody. Believe me when I saw .. "Been there Done that" It takes time... lot of it, I am sure no woman would want to risk a child with a guy whose temper is totally out of control.
U will have to fight it out for child custody. U can initiate legal proceedings but you need money ($$$) which is very difficult for an immigrant homemaker. These are not generic cases against men in USA. They are pertaining to specific people, who would abuse their spouse no matter where they are.
I would request you to reserve the judgement till you hear the entire story ;-) For all you know she's just asking for the kid.


Robbie said...

Hey howdy!!
I think in this case it might have been a nurse who administered the injection. I personally teach nurses microbiology and I feel that not all nurses are clever enough in deducing if it was a bee bite or a human bite. I think that the husband must have taken her to emergency where a nurse must have attended to her and administered an injection to relieve the pain and given her some antibiotics.
I guess that might clear this doubt of yours. What else is going on with you? Long time no hear!!
Give me a call when you are free.

Anonymous said...

I know of an Indian woman in the US who slit her wrists to put an end to her life because of an abusive marriage. She was saved and taken to a hospital where she and her husband said that it was an accident caused while cutting vegetables. She was treated and sent back home without any suspicion.