Monday, September 03, 2007

Bad - Spoken English

The Quote below is from today's HINDU newspaper.

In view of the increasing employment opportunity in the engineering and software companies, the need for enhancing spoken English should be given priority in schools and colleges.

I am not bragging here but I think the ENGLISH teaching staff during my school/college days did a fantastic job indeed. ( Which will be clear from the way I write....hee..hee..hee)

I am a witness to bad English everyday at work. Sometimes I feel like stepping up to correct this but I swallow my thoughts.

Here is an example of bad English:

The usage of 'able to'.

Listed below are the ways some use it at work.

1. I can able to do it next week.
2. Can you able to do it next week ?
3. I can able to come to the work tomorrow.
4. I can't able to come to work tomorrow.
5. Will you able to come?


Archikins said...

That's one usage that irks me too!

Google for "can you able to" - you will be amazed by the number of results!!

Sumi said...

very true!even i am getting tired of this ''I cant able to''usage!!!With India going global in all fields,its high time we learn correct grammar first and then worry about our accent.Its becoming reverse these days we Indians tend to put on major, especially American accent with our grammar flying in the air!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

archikins - ooo..checked out Google...! amazing!!
Sumi - Yeah, Grammar first and then accent!! Looks like the reverse is being adopted.

Neha Nair said...

Well when I am in India, I have seen a lot of teachers(from Eng Medium School) teach in the mother toungue to the students,though the children have to write in english. So most of the children while sturdying don't even know how to pronounce few simple words.I guess teachers should make it a point to speak in English in school cos when it comes to campus selection,a lot of genius's fail to get through the interviews cos the speaking skills are a complete bore.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I was talking to four boys who are lefting to India today, and could able to go to their home town. They bring in few memories for able to speak good English. I study local school. Boys go to high school good English. But boys smoke beedi go to high school. So we study local school. We still able to go to high school nowadays. LOL...

Dey... I could only think Mouli in Flight 107 or something speaking broken English Humorously. It is a shame than majority of our blokes are not able to speak good English. I had to come across one recently. This guy who hails from TN, was saying that his colleagues are coming to office a bit late due to 'Flode'. He pronounced it so badly that I thought it was some data base jargon. Later out of curiosity repeatedly asked what he meant and found that he meant 'Flood'. The saddest part is they tend to speak in English always with me, inspite of me talking to them in mother tongue. I do not know why they mess like this.

tt_giant said...


Agree with Sumi's comments!

Zeppelin said...

Venkittu Sir, how about the 'No' usage? adhu miss pannitingale... :)

'i told you no'.. 'that [name] no, he tell to boss about avar(our) [blah]' and much more...

enna kodumai saar idhu! :D

and yes, the city am workin at currently is host to tons of indians flying in almost every other day, from some of the MAJOR IT firms back home. some of them can solve techie problems in a jiffy.. but sadly, communication total govinda! :( they cant even talk in simple proper sentences...I happened to befriend some of them, and hence tried to suggest mildly when such blunders happen. But, strangely, these blokes got offended and started saying "nee americana maritte machi.. blah blah.." you get the picture.. :-)