Wednesday, July 25, 2007

India Trip - Week 1

So far:

LAX airport SUCKS. Ground transportation was bad. Check-in staff were very rude.

Will never fly Malaysian Airlines again. They didn't even give us a courtesy toothpaste and toothbrush. Looks like they don't care about Economy Class anymore.

KL Airport was good. Couldn't meet with Visithra.

Surprised to see a new Chennai Arrival area. Immigration was a breeze.


Traffic in Chennai is really bad. A lot of construction. Hope it will get better in the coming years. A lot of the areas are still dirty (Esp. outside the city limits). Cows and dogs roam even the busy GST road ( forget the country roads).

Drivers don't care about the lines on the roads. They just drive wherever they can, causing jams.

Was very happy to meet with fellow bloggers Adengappa Prabhu, Prabhu Kartik, Srivatsan and Keerthi.

Weather is nice. Cooler but humid.

Power cut a hassle still in Perungalathur!


Everyone talks about Real Estate ! But looks like things are cooling down a little.


Went to our Grandparents' village ( we moved out several years ago). The name of the village is 'Kadambur' which is near Uttiramerur. The village is so beautiful. Population has gone down thanks to people moving towards city for greener pastures. Met my childhood friends and spent some happy moments together. Time has flown, but everyone of us looked back and shared those wonderful memories.

My Classmate - ViswaMohan,Mother,aunt

( Whatever I am today,I owe it to ViswaMohan)

Krishnamoorthy,me,Mani, Veeraraghavan (at our village)

Me,Prabhu,Keerthi,Vatsan,Prabhu Karthik

The Irula tribes near home

My Grandma, Mother, Preethi and my cousin's wife

My Grandma & Preethi

Kali Amman ( Kadambur)


Balaji S Rajan said...

Very nice to see those pictures. I could identify few of those oldies in that irula tribe picture. I could not believe Viswa Mohan. Oh.. god he has changed a lot. I still remember his Humorous father. By the way pictures of your grandma and Mom dining is making me hungry my dear friend. Nice to know that you had good time in Kadambur as well. Well done.

Not very happy to know about Chennai traffic, dogs and cattles roaming on roads, and the power cuts.

Chakra said...

I was scrolling upwards. Got a bit shocked when I found the photo of PK, Keerthi etc with the caption 'Irula Tribes'.. :)

Nice to know abt the trip... thanks for sharing!

Sundar Narayanan said...

enna sir "check in staff was very rude "...

looks like you are travelling after a long time!


great photos. Loved the photo of your grandma. looks like she is writing Sriramajayam or something.


Ponniyinselvan said...

dear venkit,
i was surprised to hear from jeevan that u visited his house to wish him 'happy birthday'.it's really nice of you. had i known i could have accompanied you.hats off to u.

ranganathan said...


varthum therila...porathum therila...

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Jayan said...

Hi Venkat,

The 3-note song ( by Illayaraja - do you know if there is an MP3 version available?