Saturday, July 14, 2007

Do we ignore our School teachers

A few years back, I met one of my High School teachers when I walked into my High School after several years ( 25 Years). I was overwhelmed with emotions when he apologized to me for his spankings.

In fact I am ashamed that I've never been to my Elementary School in the last 30 years.

Now, do we really give more importance to our College and College teachers compared to our Schools and School Teachers? Atleast in my case I felt so.

I've made up my mind to visit as many Elementary / Middle / High School teachers as I can, next month when I visit India.

Elementary School - Christ King Convent, Tambaram,India.
Middle, High School - Corley High School, Tambaram,

I am not sure if they'll remember me, but I can't forget them.

Whatever I am today I owe it to my


Balaji S Rajan said...

I am glad for you! Teachers are the greatest gifts for us. They are like gardeners. They sow the seed but do not reap the harvest. The trees grow taller than the gardeners but nice to know few do realise the importance of Gardener.

I am glad that I have experienced both, of being a seed and as well as a Gardener.

Bring good pictures of our school.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

ur very way i am going to forgive anybody for the spankings..and trauma they caused doing that...!!...

they are all nice...i have respect..for the teachers..for gods sake we are not be beaten like that..!!..

Jeevan said...

Teachers are steps to raise us. Hope u visit your schools and enjoy with those memories:)

Anonymous said...

Hi NV Sir,

I too studied in Christ King Convent.

I still remember my teachers:

UKG: Miss Norine
1st: Mrs. Vanila
2nd: Mrs. Lobo
3rd: Miss Elizabeth
4th: Mrs Esther
5th: Mrs Franklin

But I don't remember the name of our Headmistress, since all the nuns were only addressed as sister, didn't get to know their names.

I am waiting for you to get some pictures. Last time when I went to Tambaram the whole scene had changed. Lots of houses on the Northern side of the school had been removed and we could see the school from Velachery Road. The school in the Fatima church (if I remember it right) we used to call it Madha School was there.

Christ King school has a lot of new buildings now. The class rooms on the southern edge (behind the stage) which were single storied have been changed and new buildings erected. I don't know how it is now. We'll see.


Naren's said...

why blame ur teachers after all these years...

Anonymous said...

I donno who started this blog. I too studied in Christ King convent. In 4th std, i studied in Mrs.Esther's class.


I am not sure which year you studied in Corley. I finished my 12th in 1980, I think (2nd higher secondary batch). Interesting to know about other students.