Saturday, August 04, 2007


Saw this advertisement in 'The Hindu' today.

Look at the lady and the child.

It's a shame that we are still obsessed with the color of the skin !
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Archikins said...

I thought it was a nice representation of the caption "personalized care..". Why not, if it fits the theme? Is racism in the eyes of the beholder?

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Personalized care and that photo of the lady and the child? Can't they use a desi Mom/child? How does it impact?? I am confused!

And all this for promotions in and around Chennai!

Absolutely no racism here...but why did they use non-desi subjects??

Krishna said...

Would it be because they wanted it to immediately catch the reader's attention and thats what is expected of a good Ad. It is different and I dont think skin color was the reason. I would agree 100% with you when they have a white model for RMKV sarees ad. Not here.

Besides this ad, how is your trip going? Hope you are enjoying yourself. When are you getting back?

Anonymous said...

Hey this is a stock picture.. why shoot another one ? They bought this as simple as that.

Suchin Asuri said...

keep watching ads on tv, websites of pukka indian IT companies, news ads ....i can vouch that almost 80% of them are in one way "White" or mixed with them or our own indian females "upgraded" to "white"!!! cant help our long lasting slave mind for anything white/fair. YOU are absolutely right Venkitu.

Ever seen Indians in foreign ads in the US? they are most happy with blacks and chinese and NEVER Indians!! Indians are "uncivilized" and "Ugly". I know this from their own white mouths and as I said, everyone gotto check Indian IT websites...even a start up would not risk putting up Indian desi photos. Venkitu, if this strikes a business concept....lets discuss hehe