Thursday, June 07, 2007

கஞ்சி WITH குணா


Here you go SUN TV - Why not copy VIJAY TV's wonderful
'Koffee with Anu'
( Just like the copy of Kalakka povadhu yaaru)

I even have a title for you

கஞ்சி WITH குணா


Anonymous said...

Enna, kanchi-nna kEvalamO, illa Karuna enna kEvalama?

Besides, though I dislike Sun, but Vijay isn't some original channel. All they do is rip off from popular hindi programs, which in turn are ripped from western shows.

Koffee ippathaanganna vanthichu(some 100 years?). Kanchi eppavumE namma saapaadu. Mattam thattaatheenganna:-) The farmers that drink kanchi are the ones that give food for our tables.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Kajan - Manchukkomah..!! Andha angle la think pannala ....summa Yadhuvai mohnaiyoda...ezhudhiten!

Kanji - Best for all occasions !

But Karuna!!

Enna irundhaalum - appudiye...ellaraiyum amukki kinu poi 'Asatha povadhu yaaru' pannuvadhu...!! Hmm..!!

Cogito said...


Actually, Sun TV did try a similar programme with Gauthami. I am not sure if its still around.

MSB said...

NV Sir,

Sun TV tried that with Gautami. The program was called Anbudan. It started off with Kamal Hassan in the first episode. The focus was set on the guest's achievements and views when it started. Later shows turned out to be propaganda session for Gautami herself. Choice of questions and the way she reacted to the views of the guests were surprising. No wonder the show was shelved a couple of weeks back. I felt she was going through an identity crisis.


Keerthi said...

Venkittu sir, can we do Kanji with Guna for Blogger Machi ?

J said...

LOL :)) Seriously, "Asatha povathu yaaru" copy was too much. participants, judge elaarayum kootitu poyitaangha.

Vinesh said...

good title!
host yaaru :-)

Vinesh said...

pls mail me your email id. the sbcglobal one doesn't work anymore!

Anonymous said...


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vishy said...

I guess sun TV just used its power and money to buy every one from VIjay TV and brought them to its network.

Vijay TV off late has infact been bringing out better programs than SunTV.. If only someone has the support and money to fight the Marans. The politcal split between the Marans and Kalaigner would probably help to decrease the Sun TV dominance.

Anonymous said...

i had a good laugh..and understood the purpose of your post..