Monday, April 02, 2007

கெழப் பசங்களா!

டேய் கெழப் பசங்களா!

கேவலமா விளையாடி பங்களாதேஷ் இடம்
தோத்து விட்டு !

இப்போ செருப்படிக்கு பயந்து தப்பிக்க வழி தேடி!

கோச்சை..கேவலமா பேசரீங்களே!

உங்களுக்கெல்லாம்..திமிரு ரொம்ப அதிகம் தான்!


Senthilnath said...

as if chappell has nothing to do with Indian team's loss. I guess it's chappell who started this blame game and not the players.
I hope you saw the post match interview of Dravid and Chappell after losing to srilanka. Dravid said he takes the full responsibility and Chappell said he is not answerable to media (read fans).
Point is both coach and the players are responsible for this humiliation and not just the players

Aravind said...

I tend to believe what Chappell said about the empty asafetida boxes. He gains nothing by lying in this regard. The concerned players want to see the back of Chappell because of his emphasis on good fielding. Save Yuvaraj, I have not seen anyone in that list acrobatically saving a boundary. They just want to continue to be in the team by virtue of their centuries against Namibia, Bermuda and Kenya.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Hmm... useless fellows only talk and keep pointing their fingers towards something else.

Anonymous said...

"Vellaiyane veliyeru.."..A slogan during the independence period...

And BBCI still needs a velliyan to coach Indians..Pity the irony.