Sunday, April 01, 2007

San Francisco bans plastic bags


Photo courtesy : The New York Times

San Francisco and it's neighborhoods take the lead in passing interesting laws and resolutions. The latest one that was passed on March-27-2007 bans plastic grocery bags. I welcome it and hope that the other states / countries will also pass similar laws.

One a lighter side, I
was reading about the researchers and wellwishers who are trying to save the eggs of a falcon pair.

I was thrilled to see the webcam videos of George and Gracie the Mom/Dad falcons!

But, this is the most alarming news that I read this week. It's about the e-waste and its alarming growth in India.

"We're sitting on an e-waste time bomb," said Shetty Sreenath, who built Asia's first eco-friendly e-waste disposal facility in 1995 in Bangalore, a southern city known as India's Silicon Valley.

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Balaji S Rajan said...

If I am right, I think during 2001 when I visited Kodaikanal, one of the shopkeepers gave us the fruits in a brown paper saying that all the traders in the town had decided not to use plastic bags. He said that 100% of the traders who were members of their association were co-operating in order to not litter Kodai and make it a ban for plastic. I do not know whether it is carried on till now. But I was surprised to know from a small petty shop trader about the awareness they had even six years before.