Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Sachin and Team India - BS

Mr.Sachin, please tell us on behalf of all those players whom you are leading:
  • What were you guys doing all these days ?
  • How come there is so much of talk just now after losing badly to Bangladesh?
  • How many of you came out of your closet and attacked Chappel when Ganguly was sacked ?
  • How many of you came out to support VVS Laxman when he was axed for not being agile in the field ?
  • How come Sehwag and you got so many chances to play (inpite of your pathetic form and just with your old glories! ) when poor VVS always lost out? Did you atleast think about it.
Don't play all these stupid mind games. Shame on you and all those stupid cricketers behind you.

My honest opinion - All you jokers please retire. Indian Cricket will improve.

It's better we lose a few World cups / Test series / One day series going with younger squads, than losing with these so called Seniors who are totally unfit to play International cricket.

After all, how long can Piyush Chawla or Badrinath wait on the lines and still be young.

"Tell me, the world has gone on talking about all this (our defeat and exit) but has anybody spared a thought for us? Did they try to find out what we have been going through?" a shaken Sachin Tendulkar wondered in an interview with the Times of India.


qs said...

vetti venkitu... pothum adangu...

Senthilnath said...

You really serious about Cricket?
You wish good luck and Proud of Malinga because he is also virgo and almost share your birthdate and you are ashamed of Sachin who served well for Indian cricket and brought Joy in fellow Indian's faces for so many years.

Every one fails sometimes. May be sachin's time is coming to an end but it doesn't mean we can shamelessly call him bull shit.

It's not sachin's fault that many youngsters not playing, blame the selectors. Let the selectors dump sachin and not we the fans.

Really we Indians got to learn a lot on how to treat our heroes

Viswa said...

A good coach should focus on the plusses of the players and try to get the best out of them. I think Chappel has failed in this. Seems it is Chappel/Dravid's idea to push Sachin to bat at No:4 which is a bad move. I think Sachin still has it in him to be a good one-day opener. In tests he has been struggling too long with all the injuries he sustained and reflexes slowing down.
Regarding Senthilnath's comments, NV is not calling Sachin Bull shit but his burst out to media as bull shit. "Every one fails some times"- it is not a young top cricketer failing once in a while - it is a senior cricketer continously not performing at crunch situations for quite a while. Do you honestly think it is selectors job to dump Sachin? - why cant Sachin retire himself? Tell me what does treating our heroes mean? Let them do whatever and worship them?

priti said...

I completely agree with you...the whole of Indian team should retire...the reason as to why Indian cricket is like this is politics...in selecting people into the team...Real talents remain buried underneath and those who come into the team are based on recommendations from higher authorities..in cricket...Do we really need a foreign coach for training..there are immensely successful people like Kapil Dev etc who can do a good job...I was amazed at how well Ireland could play..they were full of life...why dont Indians learn that..*sigh*...No use worrying about this..things have to change at a very basic level...it might take another 2-3 decades for India to win the world cup if things go at this rate..

I might have as well blogged about it instead on commenting this long..:P :).good thoughts in there...I completely second your opinion

Narayanan Venkitu said...

QS - Ok ma...adangaren :)
Senthil - Please tell me the meaning of 'Being serious about cricket'. In your dictionary does it mean ' A big fan of Indian Cricket? or Sachin'.!
And like Viswa said, I am not calling him names..just his outburst!
Viswa - Good thoughts
Priti - If they work hard on this..might be they'll win in the next decade. Long ways to go!

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the real drive behind asking Senior players (especially Sachin) to retire.

Is it because they are too feeble to face international cricket ? If so, then how come they had been the kings all these time.

Are you telling it because they had lost their skill (or whatever you call it)? Definitely it cannot be. If, even Ganguly, whose attitude was questioned and thrown out of the squad a year back can prove what he is and again make a comeback, then definitely all the Senior players can do the same.

This means definitely none of the senior players are lacking in skill. They have it in plenty. And thats exactly the reason why have been able to get a place for them (for whatever they have performed in their career).

I understand that a young team could be very good for future. But definitely not at the cost of Senior players.

You can write off or throw off a player if he lags in anyone of the following:

a) Attitude.
b) Skill
c) Stamina.

I am sure that all the senior players have more than (or atleast equivalent to) any given youngster picked from a domestic team in the first 2 segments.

May be, a younger player would have more stamina than a senior player.

But, definitely the stamina of senior players are not as poor to even play a game.
They definitely have.

So, I believe, Senior players should be in the team not only for the benefit of current Cricket team but also to mould an youngster in the team.

Signed Vasanth.