Friday, February 09, 2007

Vijay TV - Worth every Penny

A few months back, just after I switched to Vijay TV from Sun TV, I had a post about how Vijay TV sucks.

Times have changed and Vijay TV's quality has gone up sky high.

I enjoy watching it with my family.

Way to Go ! Vijay TV & STAR Network !

    My favorite programs on Vijay TV

Coffee with Anu
Grand Master
Neeya Naana
Kalakkappovadhu Champions
Lollu Sabha
Madhan's Thirai parvai
Jodi No.1
Jillunu Oru Jodi
Kathu Karuppu

Can SUN TV boast about such variety?

So..what are you waiting for ? Please switch to Vijay TV and enjoy!

Disclaimer - Vijay TV didn't pay me anything to write this Post :)

I still wish they had some news coverage which I feel will be neutral compared to JAYA TV or SUN TV and also the delay of one week which I feel still sucks!


Krish said...

yes vijat tv rocks. Even the TRP is going up :) good...

Cogito said...

Yeah, we signed on to Vijay TV too a few months ago and haven't regretted that decision.

Their selection of movies can definitely be improved but the some of the shows that you have mentioned are very good.

Ananthoo said...

hey NV!
yes, back home of what little i see (apart from sports) on TV, me too felt the same..they have improved leaps and bounds..esp with grandmaster, kalakapovathu etc..and some good concerts from time to time..u r rit (again)!!

Surya said...

sun has started to copy vijay with aasathupovadhu yaaru, funny thing is judge and participants already know each other from the vijay show. also i heard Vijay repeats the programs..also there are too many songs/dance program whenrepeated makes the channel stale

Anonymous said...

What about commercials?? The only commercials on Vijay were about their own programs... Right?? Has this changed??