Sunday, August 06, 2006


Unable to bear the torture of 'Mega Serials' in SUN TV, I got out of Dish Network and moved to DIRECTV to try VIJAY TV, which is a part of STAR TV Network.

Though the quality of programs is much better than SUN TV
, I am surprised and angry at VIJAY TV for taking the US viewers for a ride.

Here are some points that I hate about VIJAY TV.

1) There is a ONE WEEK delay in the programs - As opposed to 12 hour delay of SUN TV.

2) No NEWSCAST. This is unacceptable !

3) No commercials. The previews of other programs are repeated over and over again.

4) Many programs are repeated on a daily basis.

5) Program info is wrong ( Today I was watching a tamil movie - Aadu puli aattam and the info said 'Jalli Kattu' which was showing last week).

6) The monthly charge for this is 15$ which I think is not worth considering all the points above.

If VIJAY TV doesn't make a note of these points I am sure its viewership might not improve in the USA, no matter how the quality is.

For my part, I will pull the plug on VIJAY TV and totally quit watching Tamil Channels.

PS - I wrote to VIJAY TV and got an immediate reply. They said, on Festival days, the delay in progams would be just like SUN, ie 12 hours...which is good..But what about the rest of the issues?


Jeevan said...

Compare to Sun, Vijay has many different programes. Nice that now u can watch VijayTV, but sad it was delay. I hate VIjay for the same reason, if they put the program for 5 minutes, next 4 minutes was previews shows and half details of the Advertistment. Coffer with Surji & Neeya Naana was my favorite one's.

Adaengappa !! said...

Did you try the online package from ?

Krishna said...

There is also or something like that I guess...not sure how it will be watching it in your PC.

Grey Vampire said...

About vijay tv news it is the two political parties that stopped any neutral channels from telecasting news... actually Vijay tv news was very very good

Infact there is no news in any tamil channel... what they telecast called news in sun is a ad [program for DMk and what they telecast called news in jaya is an ad program for AIADMK

BlueByrd said...

NV sir appreciate your recent comments on my blog...Pls take a minute to view my response on the same. Thanks & Regards...BB

Shankari said...

I dont have Sun TV or Vijay TV, decided that we will get too hooked on to TV ..

Vinesh said...

I think you have reached (though vera vazhi illaama) the right decision Narayanan Sir..

Shankari said...

BTW did u get my mail with the recipe ?

Karthik S said...

I'm wondering why Sanchar Bharati aka Doordarshan doesn't use ISRO satellites and beam their programmes to Indian diaspora. I am hearing from people that their programmes are really good nowadays. aaaah Doordarshan nostalgia. Ever felt you wish you could turn time back....

TJ said...

Vijay TV is doing good now a days. And retelecast is a major issue.
Most of their sunday programs are retelecast, even in india. :(

They have stopped the new telecast even here, since viewers have enough and more of the so called 24 hr channels :(

Aravind said...

$15 per month subscription-a?? :O

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Kaps said...

Sun TV programs in Singapore are telecast after a 1 week delay. Further, there are very few commercials. Most of the ads are about other programs.

Mukunth said...

3) No commercials. Oh, my God! Then, why watch TV? ;)

Chakra Sampath said...

We get to watch Jaya TV through a UK based CeeI TV here. Same day telecast of serials and other programmes are there. Indian Commercials get replaced by UK commercials or about their forthcoming programmes.. Yet, we don't find it that interesting and not worth the money (12 Sterling Pounds). I have cancelled the direct debit, but even after 2 weeks of doing so, I still get to watch the programmes.. :))

tt_giant said...

Does sound like they are charging more for what they give.

Some couple of years back, I had a NumTV subscription - Raj TV, Raj Digital, Jaya TV and a few others for 14 dollars. I connected my laptop to the TV using S-Video and had an audio cable hooked up. Worked pretty well most of the times. The programming info was almost accurate (sometimes had streaming problems though).

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks folks for all your comments

I am in touch with VIJAY TV. Let us see what happens. I'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

Any new updates on VijayTV@directv.usa

Anonymous said...

The programs on Vijay T.V are much better then SunT.V. But the worst part is the U.S viewers are not given the same program as in India. In India there are lots of programmes in the morning which are not even showed for one day here. And the basic channels which we get with vijay in direct T.V is almost useless. No commercials!!! the worst part. I sent them so many mails and got no reply from them.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you are all clamoring for commercials..

Anonymous said...

we dont want commercials.. issue is do you want to hear the same 1 min jingle for 6 months , 10 times a day for a stupid mega serial ..

our commercials are pain in the big a** though.

Anonymous said...

anne vanakkam anne
nalla irunthuche ungae eluthu
namba aatha jaya va kanmunnadi vanthu niruthiteenga
parthu kannu pada poguthu

Arun Kumar said...


Anonymous said...


Hope we get vijay tv as it is in India. I installed vijay just for its programmes, but only repeat in US. Hope we get regular programmes like in India.

kummi said...

I'm really very fond of d programs in vijay tv.. especialy kkk.. plz tel me how could i watch it online.. since my parents r wishing to see megaaaa serials in other channels..

Midhuna said...

I wanna know if the singapore vijay version has kadhalikka neram illai serial.. i dont think they r showing that here but in chennai ya.. is it cuz its shot here?.. how wierd..

religious practices said...

while giving programs in Vijay TV to NRIs pl select you are not doing that.
you consider US vijai TV viewers and subscribers fools.
you come and see the programs in CA..horrible.
do not insult indians abroad by giving shabby programs.
or atleast recast the same programs given in INDIA.DO NOT EDIT OR ADD.

karthika said...

We get to watch Jaya TV through a UK based CeeI TV here. Same day telecast of serials and other programmes are there.

Villu stills,songs

Anonymous said...

Respeccted Sir,

Can you please gimme the email Id you contacted Vijay tv with? One more complaint about vijay tv is that they stop all the serials abruptly. Like they did with "Kadalika neramillai" and "Kaaka Kaaka".


Arun Kumar said...

Channellive was relaying Indian version of Vijay (delayed just 12 hrs like Suntv) programming just same as you see in India. But starting last week Vijay TV forced a one week delay even on Channellive. Not sure why they doing this.......