Friday, August 04, 2006

Sachin not 100% - Yet in team Why?

GREG CHAPPELL has said today that Sachin Tendulkar is not 100% fit.

My question - Why risk ? Why not let him rest and heal completely so that he can be fit for the ICC trophy and the other games to follow.

It's even more shameful that he came into the team without any fitness test.

Where is the justification to drop 100% fit performing youngsters like Robin Uthappa, Venugopal Rao and the likes.

Shame on the selectors, Shame on Indian Cricket.


Jeevan said...

Sachin can take rest and practice well, on the aim of coming World cup, our team got youngs player now, if they work hard sure we can win the WC. today i read the Harbajan Sing's interview he said, he was fit and very strong to face the matches, his words really make me hope on him.

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY dear Friend, thanks for being with me:)

Sumitha said...

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Prabu Karthik said...

me being a sachin fan not withstanding, i agree to your points..

whats the point in playing a person when everyone knows he can't throw!

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

I am currently reading the biography of rahul dravid (written by devendra prabhudesai). You will be surprised, how insecure rahul felt in his early days. You are right, it is a shame

Karthik S said...

All people are equal. Some are more equal.

Balaji S Rajan said...

His fitness in throwing is doubted. Looking at the positive side of having such a stalwart in the team, does not matter if he could not throw from long distance. Considering the immense experience, morale he could add to the younger members, this should not be taken as a big issue. The name 'Sachin' sends shiver down the spine to opponents. This is a plus point for us. Greg chappel is just honest. We have had players in those days who were not even fit but remained in the team because of other things. Even recently Sachin was among runs when he played few friendly matches in England. Let us wait and see.

Grey Vampire said...

I am sorry to say this... I DO THINK sachin is 100% fit..... I think it is just political public stunt so that people dont have high expectations over him when he gets in...

And sir bad u never turned to my new blog

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Jeevan - Thank you for the F.ship day wishes. I believe in Youngsters too.but felt sad that they dropped V.Rao to give a place to Sachin - Who now...we know is not 100 percent fit
PK - Yeah..I feel bad..about this.
Venky - I'll check out the book.
Balaji - The teams against which Sachin scored runs were all 'Thukkada' teams.! I think Peter Roebuck wrote in HINDU that Sachin shouldn't be playing with such teams! Experience is ok..but not being 100% fit doesn't do any good.!! He'd rather be a specatator!
GV - Yeah, if he scores, people will say...'Wow..he scored inspite of not being 100% and if he doesn't they'll say the reverse.

But where is the logic to drop young fit take Sachin - without a fitness test? and then the coach daringly says..he is not 100% fit...Why this special rule?

Karthik - LOL :-)

Prasanna said...

narayan, even though he is not a 100% fit, he wld defn be a boost when he is in the team. A hardcore Sachin fan, i m defn excited in him being in the team

thetalkativeman said...

Talking of Uthappa, this one is hilarious. Hope his name has nothing to do with his diet :-)

Balaji S Rajan said...


Read today's report on They say he is fit. Our fellows report are all dubakur. What I meant is that he is a morale booster for everyone. But if he is not fit for batting then he should not be selected. Probably they need give him some close in field positions. Anyhow, we cannot believe our fellows reports. If we have really competetive players, time has come to ignore such unfit players.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Prasanna - So you think dropping V.Rao to give room to a not 100% fit Sachin is good for Indian Cricket.?
TT.Man - Yeah, I watched it live. Poor guy, Uthappa, he got cramps and couldn't run. BTW he is a great player and is a good prospect for India.
Balaji - Sorry Macchi - I think there is too much politics here.
I think one should be fit 100% to participate in Internationa games..Its not like Seva sadan vs Corley High school !
Enakku theriyum nee periya Sachin Thattunnu. :-)

Balaji S Rajan said...


Ha..ha... LOL....Dey... antha kalam yellam malai yeriduchu. We cannot be anyone's thattu. No time machi. Just on the game's interest. GR Vishwanath, Prasanna yellam apadiye super fit-ah irunthangala. yethod onnu rendu match parthuttu vazhincha thookida vendiyathu thaan. Sachin is a great player no doubt.