Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dinesh Karthik

Those who know me well will tell you that I don't believe in astrology / numerology / Vaastu etc.etc.

I was taken by surprise when I read about this talented Young cricketer Dinesh Kathik in Cricinfo. There was a mention about how he has changed his name trying his luck with numerology ! What a shame I thought.

My thoughts for Dinesh:

1. Please believe in yourself.
2. You are a very talented wicket keeper batsman.
3. You'll succeed.
4. Karthik,
Your name change is not going to help you unless you hold the bat, face the bowlers and hit the ball. So, it doesn't matter if you are Dinesh Karthik or Dinesh Kaarhick or whatever.
In the four years since his first-class debut, he has gone from the alliterative KKD Karthik to the shortened KD Karthik, to the exotic Dinesh Kaarthick, to the straightforward Dinesh Karthik. His interactions with journalists are incomplete without a clarification about his name, a topic so confusing that it's tempting to ask for his passport to resolve all doubt.

Photo Courtesy - CRICINFO
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vatsan said...

sir, its his personal faith, i don think you shud be passing judgements on it. if u don believe in it, then u dont have to follow it, but that i think u shud respect his belief in it.

Jo said...

What happened to Jjayalalitha (Did I spell that right or has she changed her name again??), Josheiy (it was Joshy before - Malayalam movie director), Rosshan Andreews (Roshan Andrews) etc? Has it helped any of them?

As I know Jayalalitha's political life hasn't changed much. Joshiey's most recent movies were flops or average hits. Roshan's first film (Notebook) after changing his name didn't help him in any bit compared to his very first film was a super duper hit.

Vatsan, having such evidences that numerology is not working, I think its okay to write about such superficial beliefs of people, particularly such known figures because they are role models to many in the country. Atleast youngsters like Dinesh shouldn't have gone superficial like this.

Adaengappa !! said...

Hello Makkale , Yaarum sandai podaateenga !!
Appuram naan Vijaya T Rajhendheer kitta solliduven :-)

Chakra Sampath said...

I haven't been following Cricket that much in the last couple of years. Didn't know that this fella has changed his name that many times.

expertdabbler said...

Ada kodumaye!

Narayanan sir, avan marupadi name change panradhukulla oru autograph vangidalaam :)

ashok said...

how abt combining 'Dinesh + karthiK' into " Dick " !...It might work for him...