Monday, February 12, 2007

Power Situation in Bombay

I was reading the ECONOMIST Magazine yesterday, the one that had the cover page on the "Overheating of India's Economy". I am sorry I couldn't find the link for that article.

It was a well written piece which concluded with the steps India has to take to maintain the expected 10% growth in the coming years.

One of the few areas they touched were Education and Infrastructure.

Today, while I was browsing thru SUMANASA which is a nice news website, I came across this article on the power situation in BOMBAY..aka 'The Financial Capital of India". Please look the numbers on this chart.

How does this reflect on the Infrastructure ? Where are the "Rupees" that came out of the 8-10% growth being spent ?

Photo Courtesy: MumbaiMirror
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Vatsan said...

they have none but themselves to blame, pls dont equate it to we, including entire india.

first the failed enron, second they din restructure MSEB, etc. so the mumbaikara/maharastrians are to blame.

knew about this.. said...

click the link....

Harshan said...

Hi ...It really hurts to see this chart as I grew up in Bhandup.

Girish said...

I stay on Dombivli and its really horrible..Thing is better situation was promised for us last June..But it seems the case this yr too..With summer fast approaching time now is horrid