Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Racial Remarks

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I felt bad/sad about the racial remarks against Ms.Shilpa Shetty. I condemn it and I hope such incidents don't happen again.

This is what I wrote, about a incident that happened to me.

Place - Palika Bazaar, New Delhi

What happened - I was called 'Saala Madarasi' when I mentioned that I didn't know Hindi !


Adaengappa !! said...
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Adaengappa !! said...

Interesting comments there :-(
Racism,castesim are prevalent everywhere ,be it either overt or covert . But life goes on.....

nitesh said...


I just landed at your blog through some random links and happened to read this post.

I don't know what you tried to point out while linking this thing to Shilpa Shetty

(the racism inside India


something for those Indians who don't feel any pain while commenting racial remarks within their country to their own countrymen but they have problem when their country people are targeted for racial abuse outside India)

Don't you think it is the problem with the region you belong to? Why not the national language taught in that part of nation? Why not people like you reform for things like this when you know it has to be there?

I am not from the region you belong to but in fact, I feel the same pain when some silly people pass such remarks to their own compatriot. But then I also feel sorry for the people of that region just because of what I said earlier.

I wouldn't say lot but I have been with people as my colleagues from same place and the questions I asked above had always been topics of hot discussion with them.

With all due respect, why not people out there want National language to be taught specially when they elect political parties who promise things against national language at primary level - schools. These all thoughts are outcome of those hot discussions and my those friends also felt guilty sometimes for not learning Hindi specially when they found it difficult to communicate with rest of the Indians after they came out of their state.

Joice said...

mate.. i do agree hindi is the national language.. it better would have been some language of substance and class..

average hindi speaking person make me feel ill of that language..for you to know

more than 50% of hindi speaking public are illiterate.. of indias last 10 instances of sati arguably all of then were forced by hindi speaking people..look at the crime records, rapes , female foetesides.. sorry i dont want to be linked to that culture..

Anonymous said...

who is that nitesh u feel proud to be an indian? then u should know one thing....hindi is not our national language...there is no national language for india....hindi and english are central governments official language thats law states that hindi should be made compulsory in every state...have u ever wondered y hindi came into your sure hindi is not your mother is the trick of congress government which brought hindi into every state...people were not tamilnadu DK was didnt want hindi....we are the people who saved the whole india in 1965 from hindi becoming our national language...u fools dont loose your identity...we tamils are straight forward...we know what the congres is upto and its plan...hindi is just 500 years old language may be more...tamil,bengali,sanskrit,gujarathi,marathi,punjabi etc are even more older...first save your hindi out of your states....we made it clear in 1965 that english can be the communication for the whole world and dont argue y english...

Anonymous said...


Hindi is spoken in 4-5 states (Up,Bihar,MP,Haryana,Jahrkand) can you rub it on the remaining 25 states?????

If democracy is about majority opinion..then in that case Hindi cant be the national language!

Secondly,lets make life simple..why have 1 mother toung,2 national language (hindi) 3 International language (english)....

Lets make it just 1)Mother tounge 2)Global Language i.e. English....thats it!

Fuck Hindi! Yes...many North Indians feel Hindi is superior.I am doing my M.S. in USA.I am from Andhra.As you know 50% of students in USA are from Andhra.

But in our Univ,there are more of North Indians.They call us Telugus ..Gultis ...(gulet)(reverse of telugu) derogatory it is???

They criticise my language Telugu with a history of 1500 years!They wantedly make fun of many words in Telugu.Not just my language..but my culture,my habbits of eating rice with hand,different curries etc.

Everytime i say,i dont know Hindi..they say ..UUU south indians are mean...dont knwo are not patriotic etc..THE FOOLISH PART IS,after coming to USA..with a Engineering degree in English Medium,after writing TOEFL..which tests your englsih...they want us to learn Hindi...:))...silly idiots...coz any student in USA is good at english.They shud be able to speak decent whats the point in learning Hindi when u are in USA??

So i really kicked the ass of a guy ...when he asked me to learn

Screw is not knowing a fucking language being non-patriotic????? uncle went to kargil War!It sucks when they speak like that

MY MOTHER TOUNGE IS MY FIRST PRIORITY!Thats it..not even for communication with others..lets have just one language...that is english..coz the entire world speaks it.. itis required for such these days everyone needs to know i feel Hindi is redundant...of no use.As such the most educated people when they meet ,use english if they dont speak the same language.

Vijay said...

In the post independence era, Indian leaders of that time were not so open and intelligent. They had ideas to unite India and wanted to identify india as one in everything including the language. And the rulers of that time were hindi speaking. And they tried to impose it, many of the north indian states were of illiterate people and of people with no awareness and foresight.Hence the agreed to it. But when it came to TamilNadu, the well informed people of that society didnt let it happen. One should remember, immediate after independence, lot of tamils were placed in many posts all across India for their education and civilised thinking and they were felt as a threat by the north indians. Hence the derogatory term "Madarasi". Even now, an appropriate statistics will prove that the south-indians are far ahead in education and development. Back to the point, imposition of Hindi as a national language failed badly. Its ignorant of a north indian ( hindi speaking) to look down at other language speaking people of India. And such a behavior might lead to unnecessary disturbance to the national development as a whole. Let me not be called a third world savage anymore. Let's prove ourselves that we are more tolerant and civilised society by respecting each other. I have been told by some people that Indians are the savages claiming to be sages. Let us all remember that India was created and it never existed before as it is now. In the creation of India, there are so many elements of different characteristics and nature. If we have respect for India, then we will have respect for all the elements of that India. Do we respect our own country? This the question that we need to ask ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Even Hindi people dont know their own language. They dont know their numbers which are all different from 1 to 99.

The Hindian script has over 800 letter which more than 4 times compared to Tamil, so much that their literacy itself is very low.

If Hindians dont know their own language how they expect every one to mug their complicated language, number and alphabet ???

It is also medically known that speaking too much in Hindi language which 2 or 3 different B sounds, G sounds, K sounds is injurious to the throat.

Honest Tamil language does not have these issues.

Anonymous said...

Not only do north Indians deliberately and habitually discriminate against south and northeast Indians, they also consider it their birthright to do so by virtue of them having a skin tone that is a shade fairer on average. I am a south Indian from Hyderabad, by virtue of which my Hindi(Urdu) is quite fluent.

I've travelled a fair bit in the north and most north Indians assume me to be from the north. However, once I tell them where Im from, they sneer as if they've figured out everything about me at that very instant. Every south Indian who's travelled in the north or who's spoken with northies living in the south must have encountered their racist and superior attitude to varying degree. I've encountered many northies who were born in and have lived in Hyderabad throughout their lives, and yet cant speak or understand a single word of Telugu. How dense must you be to grow up in a place where you cant speak a single word of the language that is spoken and heard everywhere. What is most irritating is that they are openly proud of the fact they cant speak Telugu or any other southern language for that matter.

We south Indians need to seperate ourselves from this racist hellhole that is India, and form our own country. We are already far ahead of the north economically and socially, and if we were to seperate this instant, we would be far ahead of the north and well on our way to becoming a developed nation in no time. Our languages are much older and richer than the languages of the north (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Sanskrit have been recognized as classical languages - which north Indian langauge is?). Why should we learn Hindi? Who decided that Hindi was to be the national language anyway???

Our civilization and cultures are much older. They teach us the importance of tolerance, mutual respect and peace. Let us take inspiration from those. Trying to be patriotic and going on about the "unity of India" is not going to get us anywhere. There is no such a thing as unity of India. These northies dont want us here and we are always going to be second class citizens anyway, looked down upon for being darker than them and for speaking different languages.

Let us start an independence movement and attain our real freedom, much like the ones that our forefathers took part in helping the thankless north Indians to attain freedom for India (what a waste of time that turned out to be...)