Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Pongal

I've been wanting to write for the last few weeks. Time and patience stood inbetween me and my blog. Finally found the will to write today.

Today being PONGAL I thought I'll start writing again.

  • India trip was a blast.
  • Had a great time with my parents, relatives and friends.
  • Met a lot of bloggers including a few members of the Blogswara team.
  • I did something very good for myself and my family. Thanks to Pradip and some of my friends, I joined the ART OF LIVING course. Never realized it would help me so much. I enjoy doing the exercises. Maybe it will be a turning point in my life. Only time will tell !
I'll write in detail about my India trip this week.

Until then, 'Happy Pongal' !


msb said...

Hi NV Sir,

Wish you a very Happy New Year and Pongal.

I was waiting to read your posts right from Dec.26th onwards. Atlast! Hope you enjoyed your trip to India.


Jo said...

Happy Pongal! :-)

naren said...

Pongaloo Ponagal..send me your work number called the old number but not getting through to you..

rags said...

Iniya Pongal ThirunaaL vaazhthukkaL NV sir. Saw the photos and wonderful. Nice to see all the bloggers and good that you could meet with all of them.

Yet to listen to arunasairam concert.

Welcome back and have a great one.


Anonymous said...

wish you n your family a very happy pongal!

Vinesh said...

Good to hear the Art of Living is helping you! :-)

Where are your India pictures?

Deepak said...

Happy Pongal to you and welcome back to the blogging world..

monu said...

Happy Pongal to you too..
eagerly awaiting ur account of the India trip.

Very sweet of you to meet all of us bloggers here.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Monu - Thankyou, Yeah, I was happy that I could meet so many bloggers.
Deepak -Thank you
Vinesh - Thankyou, I removed the photos as I thought I'd do some editing before posting.
Porkodi - Thankyou.
Rags - Thankyou, Yeah, it was fun meeting with everyone.
Naren - Thankyou
Jo - Thankyou
MSB - Thankyou, I'll definitely write atleast a few times a week going forward.

visithra said...

ponggal wishes to u ;) glad u had a wonderful time - some of the bloggers told me they met you ;) so looking forward to the photos ;)