Thursday, January 18, 2007

Travelogue - Trip to India - Part I

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( Photos above: Kuala Lumpur International Airport)


It was a Friday evening. I left early from work to reach SFO airport and ended up reaching too early. Had a nice snack and waited for my flight to LAX. Reached LAX around 8.00 PM and I have to mention here that LAX sucks big time. I had to ask several people how to reach the International terminal. There were all kinds of buses like 'A', 'B','C' etc. I noticed several people like me asking for directions.

Checked-in and lucky for me since I had already checked my boxes to Chennai from SFO they let me in a special line. Check-in was over in 5 minutes. Then like a fool I went thru security ( P in the A) and got to the gates immediately. Only then did I realize that LAX didn't have restaurants / food court near the gate. Cursing LAX, I waited for my Malaysian Airlines flight.

My flight took off at 11.30 PM and I had good food for dinner. Very courteous crew indeed. I got a bulkhead seat and that gave me a lot of leg room. Took some Melatonin and went to sleep. And boy..did it work like magic. Arrived at Taipei the next day ( 14 hour flight crossing the International date line). I must say that I was very impressed at Taipei International airport.

One hour layover and took off and landed in KL International airport around 11.30. Wow..What an airport. Tooooo...big and beautiful but deserted !

Rested at the paid lounge with some super comforts like a chair massage, oxygen therapy and buffet food ( Free alcohol, though..I didn't drink). Walked around KL airport, called fellow Blogger Visithra who was surprised. Sweet girl I must say. She apologized for not being able to meet me ! ( I thanked Blogger for such friends ).

Finally boarded my Malaysian Airlines flight to Chennai. Reached around 10.00 PM Sunday night and got out of the plane.

Oh god..I was shocked! The arrival area was like walking into General Hospital in Chennai. Shame on the Government I thought. We brag about IT, growth, GDP etc. Yet. the arrival area at Chennai International Airport looks like a Hospital ! The guys who designed and built it had absolutely zero aesthetic sense ...IDIOTS. ( I later found out that the Departure areas were a lot better).

I walked out to the warm smiles of my mother and my best friend Shankar.


visithra said...

It would have been nicer to meet you - if I had known a day earlier - im glad u had a nice trip.

the chennai airport has improved a lot - but its still shocking to see so many ppl staring at you when you arrive

prabukarthik said...

Ah! super super! regulara eludavum sir:)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Visithra - Sorry about not giving you some notice. I felt bad that I couldn't meet you. Maybe the next time! or ..when you come to the USA.

About Madras Airport - It is better than what it was a few years back ..but long ways to go.!


PK - I'll definitey write, thankyou.

donthecat said...

dude, only small nerudal was that you had too many engagments than the other MCCian who was there at the same time - Indira Nooyi :-)

I know, I know you told me all abt the time-frame, but I felt like I was meeting another blogger :-) rather than my pal of 29 years. You were in such a whirlwind situation :-)

Loved the 7 hours we spent on the campus though. Next time, you better be around for a longer duration.

Jeevan said...

Hello friend:) Thanks for sharing your trip to Chennai form Los Angels, keep on updating, the pics of airports are beautiful.