Friday, November 03, 2006

Murali Ramanathan - What a voice

Murali Ramanathan was introduced to the Blogworld via the great Pradip Somasundaran. This happened only a few months back.

Murali's first post was on September-01-2006 when he posted
a fantastic song of G Venugopal. I was extemely impressed with his voice and his singing style.

As time passed, he kept posting songs regularly in
Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.

Murali Ramanathan, the great singer had made his mark. I couldn't stop listening to him. I should say I was spellbound by his voice.

He would always write about the song/composer etc. along with his song which I liked. And even more impressive was the quality that was superb, thanks to his recordings at 'Reji, Rebenky Digital Studio, Trivandrum'. Most of the singers that I had listened to...usually record at home and Murali was different in this aspect as well. How can one not appreciate the perfection of Murali ?

One of my favorites of his is a
Bhajan on Lord Krishna. I was mesmerized by his voice and the way he sang the beautiful song. I must say..I enjoyed his singing better than Bombay Jayshree's who was the original singer of this great song!

Murali floored me with his rendition of
this beautiful song from the movie Kannil Nin Meyyil.

Finally, yesterday came the crown jewel of his songs IMHO. He had a Thiagarajar Krithi set to raaga Charukesi . I couldn't go beyond the aalapana. Kept repeating it over and over again choking as he brought down the heavens to earth thru his singing.

That is what prompted me to write about this great singer, aka. Murali Ramanathan, who lives in Trivandrum, India.

Please stopby and listen to him. You'll agree with me.

My best wishes to Murali !


Ponniyinselvan said...

best wishes,Murali

IBH said...

thanks venkitu sir....will send her name in a mail.....:)

ranganathan said...

nv sir...

mathavangala paaratarathukku periya manasu venum...

athu unga kitte nerinju iruku...

thaangal pallaandu vaazha iraivanai praarthikkiren...

btw, kanna song is really beautiful!!

Deepthy said...

It's a very noble gesture for you to have taken time to give these encouragingly good comments on a budding artist like Murali, Sir - rare are people like you in this world where people are mostly caught up with themselves! Hope Murali makes it real big in the music world - I believe he has it in him.

Murali Ramanathan said...

Narayanan Sir,

Thank you so much your inspiring and encouraging comments. I feel so happy to be among talented and great people like you and so many others in this world of blog and music.

Thank you so much..

Murali Ramanathan

Murali said...

Murali Ramanathan is indeed a wonderful find. I sincerely appreciate and agree with your comments.