Friday, November 10, 2006

Ilayaraja - Music of the Gods

Long live Ilayaraja, SP.Bala and Chithra!


Cogito said...

awesome song and singing. Is this from the "andrum indrum" event ?

Balaji S Rajan said...

Very exciting... and became emotional to hear praising about Ilaiyaraja... What a gift he is for us! He is a gift for Tamil, and the Country. Like SPB said, may Ilaiyaraja live long and keep giving us great music.

Jo said...

A great song indeed! SPB looks quite old, but what a voice!!! And Chithra chechi is also superb as usual! IR has this magic in his melodies. I doubt if any of the new age musicians could come up with his sense of melody.

Am listening to "Isaiyil Thodanguthamma" from Hey Ram. What a song!! Thanks for the video, my weekend is now full of IR!!

BTW, I noticed the trademark smile of Chithra ji missing in this programme. :-)

Poornima said...

Thanks NV sir.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Poorni - Thankyou
Jo - Thankyou, Yeah, I missed her smile too..and I think it might be 'cause of IR's presence on the stage..not sure.

That song from Hey Ram is a Masterpiece.!! Glad you like it..I like it too...and..and..the more I listen to IR..the more I am convinced that he is an 'ALL TIME GREAT!"


Balaji - Me too the end...and Yeah, I am happy grow up..when IR was at his best.!


COGITO - Thankyou, Yeah, I think that's the program...I wish I got that DVD !

Anonymous said...

It's from Andrum Indrum Endrum.

Really a great program. Watching the DVD, I was wishing I was at the show. It must have been great to hear it live.

SPB/Chithra were great. Their duets were very good.


Anonymous said...

THis song, as mentioned by SPB in his concert in NJ in Sep, was an awed composition by IR. The scale of orchestration in this song was not attempted before.

Listening to SPB singing this song in person, was an unforgettable experience for me.

Thanks NV sir for posting this.

Anonymous said...

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