Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chemical - Akhtar

  • Blaze Xtreme, a fat-burning supplement
  • Nitron5, designed to increase strength
  • Ergolean AMP, a pre-workout stimulant, no doubt useful for those early morning sessions after a late night out
  • Promax 50, a liquid protein diet, "from Fleximuscle of London"
  • Viper, that unputdownable isotonic drink
  • TBomb II, which the Pakistan tribunal pronounced, with the knowledge of men who had studied the medical advice, "jacks up testosterone to the max."
  • Then there were "herbal medicines from friends"
  • The threshold of nandrolone allowed is 2ng/ml. Akhtar's sample measured 14.06ng/ml, slightly more than his fellow fast bowler, Mohammad Asif.
My Question:

How about the players in the Indian Team. Do you think they don't take performance enhancing drugs? I doubt it.


indianangel said...

I too doubt that! steroids and sportsperson always go hand in hand together!

Ram.C said...

I read somewhere that these players were selected randomly.. and not all the players were selected and checked... Probably, more may come out under light, all the sports people are checked..

Sundar Narayanan said...

as far as I know our cricketers use the most power drug ever invented.. it is called

thayir saadam !!


The Talkative Man said...

No they dont since drug tests are now conducted by the ICC at major tournaments.

The only reason PCB banned them was that it would have been far more uglier for them if the duo had gone on to the Champions Trophy and failed there - ICC sanctions would have been more stringent.

In the end, good to see the cheats go :-)

Prabu Karthik said...

namba indian players ellam performance enhancing drugs eduthirupaanga na solreenga?

i dont think so.

There is no 'performance' to substantiate it :D

or andha drugs ellam namba players kitta velai seyyalai thothu pochu nu artham :D