Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bombay Blasts - Is India sleeping?

(September 14, 2006 - July 11, 2006) = 21 + 31 + 14 = 66 Days

That is the number of days gone after the Bombay Train Blasts. Immediately after the attacks the fingers were pointed at Pakistan. However, no one has been arrested until today.

Where are the Intelligence Units? What is the CBI doing? What about RAW and all those outfits who are responsible for cracking this crime.

After all, when we have a Legal system that is slower than the slowest Tortoise what can we say?

I don't even need to mention our Politicians and Police (They crack crimes only in the movies). Add to that, the common man who forgets these events easily and goes on with his life.

God Bless India.


Munimma said...

They are still processing the 93 blasts. What's the hurry?

Anonymous said...

Is it not the fault of the general public, since they behave so indifferently to the lack of action from government?

Where is the condemnation, where is the media(a media that was eager enough to climb on one another to cover the initial blast and gory), where is the cry for justice? If the public is willing to sit on their ass, happy that they were not the victims, then why be upset with politicians who are game to do anything for retain power. The problem here is not the government, but the public.

Kavi said...

In principle, yes i agree with what you are saying ! 100 % The legal system is crap. The police and the political system is relegated to doing villain roles in movies.

But there is also another side to it, that the guy on the street carries on ! Mumbai was back on its feet in a couple of days. The common man has been able to carry on inspite of the police and politicians !

Aatma said...

Narayanan Sir sorry to point out - what exactly have u done till now either - Common man in Mumbai and anywhere in the world has to think for his next meal - he doesn't even have the luxury to think of the next day forget the month. Kavi said that look how comon man recovered so fast in Mumbai - what choice do they have - if they don't go to work the next day - then they won't get food for that day.

THe people who we see plying day in day out, are these common people who have no choice but to struggle for their day to day existence. Only few have the courage and big heart to step away from their mundane life and do something for their country.

Instead of pointing fingers - go to the grass root level and do something about it. If the idea behind this blog is to spread awareness - u know that we all know about the present state of the country.

About CBI, RAW and other state agencies - They are doing their work - maybe not as efficient as we expect them to do - but i am positive they are doing it- otherwise there would be bombings everyday like Israel and Iraq.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Aatma - Nice thoughts...What can I do? not much..I can write..( atleast for now). I can't be a one man force like Gandhi though I wish I could at times. I feel ashamed about it!

I wish the people are a little more assertive. I wish they come out and do what they did for 'Reservations' in N.India. Didn't that help? If the people continue to keep quiet I am sure nothing will happen.

I am glad you have an opinion on RAW and the other orgs..! I don't.! Your comparison - It will be like IRAQ / Israel - Sorry..I can't buy that.!

Kavi - Like Aatma said, Common man has no choice.!! But I wish our Legal system could be better.! 1993 blasts finally being dealt with 13 years later..isn't that a shame?

Anon - How do we define Democracy? the people..blah..blah..blah right? So..what are the people doing ?
Munimma - Yeah, shameful!

Rajesh said...


It's been a while I checked your blog... Today I saw your comment and thought "better late than never".!

anyways, I too have shared my view on this...