Monday, April 18, 2005

Mumbai Express - Out of Focus?

I never expected this from a new movie, especially a new movie coming from KamalHassan who takes pride in technical excellence.

"Mumbai Express" might/might not be a hit movie but I can tell you that it is no fun watching it in theatres that are not capable / don't know how to screen it.

As you might know, the film was shot in Digital media (Why? I don't know). I watched it over the weekend here in Fremont, California at the NAZ8 Theatres.

It was like watching a pirated VCD. It looked like all the frames were out of focus, grainy and looked to me that I was watching a Home-video shot in 1950.

I wish this message reached "Kamal". Let's hope these things don't happen in future.

My Review of the movie - Excellent comedy worth watching with family. Pasupathy has proven once again, what a great actor he is. Ilayaraja is good in bits and pieces. Ramesh Arvind and Vaiyapuri are good. Great effort by Kamal !!


thennavan said...

Since CM and ME are the main Kollywood offerings (Sachin is just a distraction for the spill-over crowd in my opinion), the resultant publicity blitz of the Jambavans modufying itself has created a ripple effect across all collection centers. Maybe Kamal and Rajini spoke to each other before and ensured that this move would benefit them mutually :-)

Harish said...

Praveen-a udhaikanam. avana thavira ellarume nalla irukku-nu telling! :)

Praveen, if ur reading this, nalla ketukko. naan padam paarthuttu varuvaen. enakku pidichurundhudhu-na...

... en expectation-a lower panninathukku thanks! :D

Praveen said...

Me feel the same too with respect to the film quality...Sun TV porgram-la File Photos-nu podaraapla irundhuchu!! :)

Adhaan naan sonnaeney da... the film is getting decent reviews, but sathyama enakku sirippu varala!! :) I din laugh, I smiled. Adhu enakku nalla effort-a padala :(

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Your thought is in a different angle. Sachin/Ganguly..! Ellam ambel dhan.!!

Harish - I definitely like it , but for the video quality. I'll definitely see it again.

Praveen - Wonder why such a goof-up.! Don't tell me you didn't laugh ! Sudha Peela.!!

The Last Blogger said...

I posted about this in my blog too. The digital print was awful to watch in NJ. I am not sure if Kamal knew that almost all theaters in the world are still doing conventional film prints and hence will screw up handling a digital print. It was hazy, fuzzy and out of focus almost all the time. An excellent comedy that could have been shot better.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

TLB - I read it. Its a shame isn't it. I hope our messages reach Kamal. Any idea if he has a website.? Or a phone number?

Ram Viswanathan said...


I saw this movie in MayaJaal, Chennai and came out with the same impression about the 'digital picture' effort of Kamal.

Then I read this article in The Hindu ( which might shed some light on why the pictures were 'grainy'..

The bottom line is Kamal used the 'low end' digital option (which is not actually digital) and created the traditional film 'reels' as majority of the cinemas don't have digital projection facility.