Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why we lost 0 - 4 ?

Why did we lose to the Aussies  0 - 4?

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When the team left India on Dec 14th,  Saturn was at 23 degree ascent directly opposite to Mars at an elevation of 250 miles.  Sun was eyeing the Moon with anger at 18.5 and Mercury was at 0. Uranus which is the ruling planet for the team was sleeping since it was early hours !  

The Indian Management did not listen to the BCCI astrologer and went ahead with the plans to fly the cricketers out.  What a blunder!

The team flew out of Bombay sorry Mumbai,  which was on Earth's lowest elevation on that day.  It's well known that starting anything at that point would result in failure.

The team flew Air-India.  If you add up the digits for Air-India ( minus Hypen which is called Uchishma in Astrology )  it comes to 5 which is odd and very BAD.  The odds also played a big role in this series.

It was widely reported that several cricketers sneezed when the plane too off.  This is real..real bad omen.  The BCCI should have asked the ATC to immediately ground the plane.  And we all know what happened due to this.

Agreed that most cricketers wore yellow, black, green and red threads ( to name a few ) around their necks and wrists.  Laxman even wore a pre-historic wrist guard in Perth to see if it will help ( ignoring the stink of the aged guard ) !  Sehwag was looking at the Sun..but nothing worked.  Reason -  no matter what, this is a bad year for Indian cricket.  The Houses of Sun and Moon are rotten now, clearly white due to the recent whitewashes.

Unless BCCI cleans up the houses, Indian cricket is doomed for more failures!

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ashok said...

I have stopped to care for Indian cricket...the story is same after every overseas tour...then comes the domestic series and everybody scores, India wins..and alls well again...

Unknown said...

you WILL NOT lose
your eternal life
if you follow Jesus:
Let go.
Let God.

'the more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
-the Infant Jesus of Prague

Juin Chiu said...

Good poost