Friday, January 27, 2012

Bad Profession for me !

Bad Profession for me to be in -  Astrology / Psychic reading.  I failed miserably. I admit !

Silver lining though: One of my predictions - Ponting's performance, came out true.  What a series !   I wish him well !  I am a big fan of Ricky Ponting !

Same with Virat Kohli.  He did well, but he must learn to keep quiet and not care about what the crowd does or says.  He must worry about his game and always try 'Gandhi Karate'.  I the other cheek !

The weeds have to go - Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman.  They have done well ( Old Glory) , but it's time for them to go home and take care of other businesses .

I know VVS's resume has solid SAP skills along with Oracle, Teradata, DB2 etc. He can come over to US on a H1B.  Sachin can squeak in the commentary box and Dravid can be a charming talker and lecture kids about Walls, fences etc ! 

Dhoni must be fired.  Sehwag must be shifted to one day and 20 overs cricket.  Zaheer Khan for his stupid game in Adelaide Inning 1 must be dropped for a few games. 

BCCI has to be cleaned up - Srikkanth, Cement Srini and Co must be asked to leave !   A seasoned cricketer must be made the chief of BCCI.  Same with the selection panel.

The Indian team needs to clean the 'White Wash'.  We need young blood . We need quality young players in the team ..not 'Vinay Kumars'.  

Who will bell the cat?

The selectors and BCCI have no flesh on their butts and are a bunch of jokers !  

We need a Anna Hazare to try and cleanse Indian cricket.


Anonymous said...

Saw your predictions in previous posts... it all went wrong. Why still messing with astrology as we know its a crap. Instead of watching cricket we can all go listen to the award winning musical score "Rockstar" by ARR :)

Anonymous said...

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