Saturday, January 07, 2012

Restaurant food & Body Weight

How difficult is it to lose 20 pounds in a year without medications or any drastic moves!

One of my best friends who is a professor at a renowned University here,  did just that, by doing something along with a list of the regular things that we all do, to get a few pounds out of us.

He told me that he just stopped - I mean totally stopped - eating out in Restaurants !  Add that to regular exercise and good food and he dropped 20 pounds in a year.  That's really impressive.

I have been watching what I eat.  I even did a chart of my weight for 2011 along with my eating patterns ( I maintain an Excel Sheet which I update everyday). I also noticed that whenever, 'Eating out' went up, my average weight also went up.

My New Year's resolution -  
Cut down eating out in Restaurants.

That said, I found this interesting in 'The Hindu' today:

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