Sunday, January 08, 2012

Drop the Seniors !

It was nice to see Maninder Singh's comment in Cricinfo:
(Someone who shares my feelings):


I've written about this in my blog for a few years now and I will do it again and again.

Drop all the Senior players.  So what ?  We keep losing even with these men in the team.  If this is affordable, we can also lose for a few years grooming youngsters.  Let's give the aspiring young cricketers unconditional chances.  Let's prepare them for the future.

So, here you go again:  
BCCI , Selectors and Indian cricket Lovers -  Let's say 'Bye Bye' to the seniors in the team.  Never mind if they are due for landmarks etc.
( See how Clarke declared... despite the records being so easy for breaking ).

Drop - Sachin, Dravid & VVS Laxman.
It's good for Indian Cricket. 

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