Friday, December 30, 2011

Technology in Cricket

Technology drives everyday life.  It makes a solid impact in every aspect of our life,  from the time we wake up till we sleep !  There is technology to wake you up and to put you to sleep. Technology is used to give birth artificially !  Death can also be achieved by technology.  

Why all this ?  Wanted to comment on Technology and Cricket.

I have been reading, watching and listening about DRS in Cricket and how India doesn't want it. Captain Mr.MSD has said recently ( after the Melbourne Test Match ) that he has belief in human umpires rather than trust the DRS.  

Mr.MSD - Let me tell you one important thing about DRS.  You can claim it is not 100% accurate, but it will be 100% unbiased.  That's where a human umpire differs.  Hope you get the point. 

I believe that the ICC is spineless in this matter.  Can't they form a panel and vote?  Let the majority win.  Big thing is it ? 

DRS should be the primary factor in any decision and the Umpires can be backups.  That way 99% of the ambiguity and bad calls will be gone.

Well, we see umpires follow this already when they use the light meters during bad Light calls.  The umpires use the replay system to check for No Balls after a batsman is out bowled or caught !  Runouts are finalized using Replays !

Then why not use DRS ? Why the double standard !

I would rather ask the companies that developed this Technology ( DRS ) to improve it above and beyond the SNICKOHAWK-EYE and XRAY VISION to ensure it's 100% accurate.  

BCCI and MSD -  Remember you live in the 21st Century and tomorrow is the beginning of the NEW YEAR.  

May I request you to come out of your 10th century way of thinking?

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