Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Melbourne Test - Congratulations Aussies !

It was a good game of cricket the last 4 days.  The better team won finally.  

Congratulations Australia !  

'Hats off' to Ponting and Hussey for a wonderful display of patience and focus.  Ponting especially who has been criticized for his performance and age.  In my opinion these two were the pillars for this wonderful victory !! 

Pattinson ( Man of the match ) is impressive and he has a long career ahead.  Siddle and Hilfenhaus are OK but the Indians will sort them out in the future games.  Too bad the Aussies don't have a good spinner !   Haddin might get the axe soon if he continues the way he is now. Shawn Marsh, is in the same boat !

Indians have lots to learn.  Fitness is pathetic.  But for Kohli, the rest of the team is slow on the field, not running  fast.  No energy !! 

Zaheer, Ishant and Yadav - Wonderful job but have to do better, especially considering how you guys bowled today !

Sachin - No worries, keep playing, one of these days, who knows when, you'll get that 100 that's been evading you !  As long as you score 50+ runs, you'll be in the Indian team no matter your age!

Ashwin - Oh boy what to say !   His Body Language is pathetic.  He looks too sluggish to me.  Has to up his fitness for sure.  His bowling was just mediocre but let's blame the pitch !  30 runs 2nd innings was decent!  

Finally - Selectors -  Please give Kohli a few more chances.  He is the fittest in the Indian team today and he will do well in the batting dept. if you try him a few more times.  After all, you keep giving chances to the Senior players in the team !

If you want to make a positive change,  how about dropping GAUTHAM GAMBHIR  for  ROHIT SHARMA  and   LAXMAN for OJHA?

Looking forward to the next Test !

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