Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grandpa Alert - Oval !

Mr.ST is waiting to score his 100th hundred,  which I feel he probably will...considering the pressure from all over for his head, plus my constant ST bashing :)  I wish him well for the Oval Test Match on Aug-18 ! 

The other Grandpas in the team would also be getting ready to show off so that they can use their performance to stay in the team for a few more seasons ( though in wheel chairs).

PBPL Sehwag will be praying for a lot of luck.  Gautam Gambhir will hope to play smarter.  The spinners will hope for some help ( which probably is ruled out ) and the pacers will  be trying their luck with spin to see if that works !! 

Suresh Raina...oh Boy...He should be practicing all this week on the short Balls that scare him to death !

I feel that lots of heads will roll if India continues to fail.  I remember the PAK series in the 70s which saw the end of career for Chandra, Bedi, Prasanna, Venkat, Viswanath...to name a few !  And interestingly that was the start of the rise of the great Kapil Dev. 

Oh Boy - that 70s series and Zaheer Abbas !!  OMG he literally tore the Indian attack to pieces and then came Imran and Sarfraz Nawaz to clean up the batting !! 



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