Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mangalore Airport - Topless Planners?

Who are the idiots who come up with these stupid designs and who approves them?  158 people perishing in an accident due to a stupid 'Table Top' Airport at Mangalore, India.

Reading about this airport and the runway scares me.  Oh yeah, it was a disaster waiting to happen until yesterday, when finally the time came.

Doesn't the Indian Government have the will or money to move this airport to a safer place considering the growth of the air traffic?  Doesn't Mangalore have suburbs that can house a safe big airport? 

There is also another potential issue that I read.  Looks like there is a MRPL plant next to the airport ( A refinery !).  Imagine that !

Another question is why does Air India have so many foreign pilots ( expats?).  Is there a shortage at home?  Oh yes, can't be blamed when every other person gets a degree to get into the IT Industry !

Hmm..India Today and Tehelka  would rather expose Prostitution in Chennai and Minister Raja's corruption rather than all this. 

158 Innocents were killed yesterday for none of their fault and the Govt. offers 160,000 Rs (USD 4,000 approx.) as compensation for the lost lives !


Anonymous said...

I guess, you mean USD $ 4000

Anonymous said...


Chandramouli said...

Was it not 160,000 USD?

Chandramouli said...

What's wrong in media highlighting the alleged scandal in telecom?