Friday, May 21, 2010

India Glitz - Raavan bias !

I've already written about the songs of the much awaited Manirathnam movie 'Raavan'.  I felt/feel that this is probably the poorest album from ARR.  I had the misfortune of listening to the songs in Tamil and Hindi and realized it was 'noise' rather than 'music' to my ears.

I browse 'India Glitz' every now and then to read reviews of movies / songs.  To my surprise, they've reviewed the music of every other movie other than 'Raavan' / 'Raavanan'.  

I am not sure why.  Are they scared to do a review of the Oscar winner's music?  Do they have a stake in the promotion of the movie that they don't want to write a bad review.  I have no idea.

But, I realize that I should probably not go to India Glitz for reviews any more..because of the bias factor.



(Mis)Chief Editor said...

try out my facebook recent message...

அனுபவித்தால் குறை தெரியாது,
ஆராய்ந்தால் சுவை தெரியாது!


PS: I am surprised you are following up the reviews in IndiaGlitz; that site is nothing but B...S...! (sorry to use strong words!)

Ramkumar said...

Music is subjective...