Friday, May 07, 2010

60,000 crores and a Dalit

I need a calculator to count the zeros. 60,000 crores is what I heard is the money involved in the 2G Spectrum scandal involving India's Telecom Minister Mr.A.Raja !

Headlines Today TV has been playing the telephone conversation Mr.Raja had with Ms. Radia, a power broker lobbyist..and all I could do was to not blink.  Wow...60,000 crores? 

These conversations are supposed to have been taped by the Income Tax Dept of India in 2008.  Why didn't they release it all these days?   How did the Govt. allow these things to go on.  Baffles me !

But then, knowing it's India...all I could do was to drink some cold water ! 

It's shameful to note that some of the leading Newspapers and magazines from Tamil Nadu, never bothered to report about this !!    I understand....It's Democracy at Peak in Tamilnadu.

Hat's off to you Headlines Today for releasing these tapes. 



Anonymous said...

What is more worrisome is the caste-based census being propagated by the politicians. They quote the practice from the british raj... what happened to the dream of the mahatma when he said we are all indians?

Anonymous said...

Let India go to dogs.....

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Anon-1 - Yeah, it's a shame ! Ask the current politicians about Mahatma and his principles and they'll blink !

Anon-2 - Wow !