Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have your Vitamin-D tested

Courtesy: WWW

My doctor called me a few months back and put me on high doses of Vitamin D after a test revealed very low levels.

I was lucky enough to have it tested...after knowing that my nephews and cousins had all tested very low.

Optimal levels are 30+ and most desis I know of are in the 5-10 range.

So, I asked my mom to have it checked in Madras. Voila...her levels were < 4.

Vitamin-D is discussed a lot these days. Please Google and you'll know the effects of low levels of Vitamin-D.

Please have your levels checked and stay healthy. Please check the Website of the Vitamin-D Council.

PS - My wife told me that my 'Mental' issues are all due to the low levels of Vitamin D. Hmmm..I had to agree.

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Ravi said...

Excellent Tip! This is least focused health issues by many and more so by Desi's. I am planning to get my levels tested by the Dr and possibly take supplements to bring my level to keel.

Good post.