Friday, January 15, 2010

VTV - Digital Bliss

Pic courtesy: WWW

I am a big fan of GAUTHAM MENON. His style, his team, his techniques, his story, his choice of actors...everything impresses me.

From his first, 'MINNALE' to his last 'VAARANAM AAYIRAM', he has impressed everyone !

I remember writing a review about Gautham's 'PKMC' a while back.

That I was listening to the songs of 'Vinnai thaandi Varuvaayaa' aka VTV, Gautham's next movie. AR Rahman is the music director.

I will write later this week about the songs, but, for today's post, I have to say the entire album is a .......

'D I G I T A L ..... B L I S S'.

I am very impressed. Let's hope it turns out to be a big hit like Gautham's last movie 'Vaaranam Aayiram'.

Good Job Mr. ARR !

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