Friday, January 15, 2010

HAITI - Any help from Corporate India?

Read in FT this morning about a list of companies helping 'Haiti'.

Digicel (Cell phone company): $5 million
Amgen Foundation (Biotech): $2 million
Cisco Foundation (Consumer electronics): $1.25 million
Microsoft: $1.25 million
Coca-Cola: $1 million
Goldman Sachs: $1 million
Google: $1 million to Unicef and CARE
PepsiCo and PesiCo Foundation: $1 million
Lowe's Companies Inc.: $1 million
Morgan Stanley: $1 million
JP Morgan Chase: $1 million
UPS: $1 million
Bank of America: $1 million
Abbott and Abbott Foundation: $1 million
Nestlé Waters North America: $1 million worth of bottled water products

I am searching the NET to see if there are any Indian companies that have announced aid for Haiti.

I read that the Indian Government has announced a 5 million dollar aid, which is a very noble gesture !


Anonymous said...

all these companies have business interests/stake in Haiti..Look closely.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Anon - So?

Ravi said...

NV Sir, why do we have to start demanding charity? I think charity has to initiate on one's own interest - not by somebody demanding it and our companies are known to have extended help here in India. So maybe they choose to play they charity card only in India. I think we should stop judging someone by the charity they do since charity should be done in secret.