Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kairali - WE / PEOPLE channels in USA

I was happy when I saw a ticker running on 'Kairali TV' today. It was a ticker for the launch of 'WE' and 'PEOPLE' channels in the USA.

'Kairali WE' comes on Channel 785 in Dish Network. 'Kairali PEOPLE' comes on Channel 786.

PEOPLE is a News channel while WE is targeting the youth.

I am very impressed with 'Kairali WE'. Hats off for an attempt to target the youth. WE has a good variety of programs. I have to watch WE a few more days before I really come to any conclusion. Let's see what the youth in Kerala get to watch in a channel branded 'For the youth'.

My question to people in Tamil Nadu: Is there a comparable channel in Tamil? If there is one, what kind of programs do they have?

Living in the USA we ( I ) crave for a serial-Free, not always movies/movie related, not affiliated to any political party Channel. Unfortunately in Tamil we get only VIJAY TV, JAYA TV, SUN TV and Kazhutharuppu TV aka KTV! Vijay is decent but it has so many repeats that it gets boring.

I not longer subscribe to SUN because i feel it's only for serial watchers and nobody in my family watches SERIALS. I got out of VIJAY because of the repeat telecasts.

The last few months, I am trying out JAYA TV whose only agenda is to talk about 'Minority DMK Party' in between decent programming !

PS - I am surprised to see the Mom/Dads visiting the USA from Tamil Nadu craving for SUN TV !!


Ravi said...

NV Sir,
Today people deem 'Makkal TV' and 'DD Podhigai' to be the best among the lot. Makkal TV, inspite of its origins being from PMK has stuck to its promise of being devoid of cinema programmes. Even Vasanth and Mega are far better compared to Sun or Kalaignar.

Vidhya said...

Even i saw a couple of programs in Makkal TV and was impressed.