Sunday, January 17, 2010

Celebrity status vs. Waistlines

Pic courtesy: WWW

Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, AR.Rahman,Benny Dayal

What to these men have in common.

1) Wonderful musicians
2) Waistlines that grew as their status grew

I was looking at some pictures of AR Rahman this morning and I had to write this. He is beginning to look like Adnan Sami (who is now losing weight .which is nice to read)

Rahman has consistently added weight all around him..slowly over the last few years.

Rahman has to take care of his weight and waistline. No matter what one is, it's important that they take care of their waistlines. India and the world needs a healthy AR Rahman another 100 years for his music.

Hariharan is another similar ( sad ) story. I was in YouTube watching Colonial Cousins..and was comparing a Hari in the late 90's and now. Oh boy, he has added a lot of fat.

Shankar Mahadevan - A great musician...again the same problem. As he grew in the music did his waistline. I did watch in him Kairali TV a few months back where he mentioned he is working on losing weight !

Benny Dayal - His weight gain is dramatic. From a young kid out of college just a few years back, this young man has become so obese if you look at his latest pictures in the net.

Dear ARR, Hari, Shankar, Benny - Let 2010 be the year you all start reducing your waistlines. I am sure the fat melt would only help you and we'll have the pleasure of having you all healthy so that we'll get to listen to some wonderful music for years !

Dear Adnan - I love your music. I am happy that you are taking care of your health. Very motivating indeed.

Obesity, especially the fat around the waistline is the leading cause of Cardiac problems among men. This is well documented and ask any cardiologist and he'll warn you about this.


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