Saturday, December 05, 2009

Freedom of Press

A few months back, one of my favorite writers in Tamil, 'ஞானி' moved from Ananda Vikatan to Kumudam.

No reason was given for his move but several guessed it ! Anyways, I am bringing this up to write about the 'Freedom of Press' in India.

Look at the American media. They have brought out so many celebrities' scandals, exposed so many corrupted officials and all of them are facing the consequences. Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, The Senator from North Carolina, the bragging California congressman and now, Tiger Woods.

I watch Jay Leno regularly and his jokes on the President and the other Celebs, highlights the 'Freedom of Press'. Dave Letterman was ridiculed a few months back for some comments on Sarah Palin ! The tabloids like 'The SUN' and 'The National Enquirer' thrive due to the 'Freedom of Press'.

I remember a few years back in India, a report by 'Tehelka' stirred the hornet's nest, but nothing came about. It was all washed away.

People from TamilNadu know about the incidents involving SUN TV, Dinamalar, Maran, Azhagiri, Karunanidhi. Any investigations? Any convictions? Any reports on media ? They won' will cost lives ! Who cares about the innocent lives lost in politics ?

I read a few days back some one's comments in 'The Hindu' that the press should work for the Democracy. In a country like India, it is absolutely not possible today.

There is a new brand of politicians. Awareness is slowly creeping up. So, possibly in the next century, Indian Media will be free.

Until then, let the Politicians and the Celebs, enjoy at their will. Let them own their own TV stations / Newspapers/ Magazines and do the propaganda.