Monday, August 17, 2009

Mortgage companies rip us off !

One of my best friends got demoted a few months back and went to work for only 1/2 his previous salary.

He didn't have a choice since his wife was pregnant ( we all know about the medical insurance issues here in the US ) and chose to remain in the demoted position, just for the medical insurance.

His mortgage was over 1/2 of his original salary, so he spoke to his mortgage company to modify his mortgage.

Until date, for the last 6 months the mortgage company, has been working/sitting on his case, which is pretty straight forward.

He has sent documents every month to show that his income is only 1/2 his previous income and yet nothing has happened !

This makes me real angry. How many people like this are suffering?

Why should we bail out the banks !

I am glad we have a president who talks about all these issues . I am confident , that he will do something.

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