Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Healthcare Reform - Let it happen !

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When I read about the protests, screaming and name calling at the town hall meetings about President Obama's Health care reform I wonder..

Do these people really have any brains?

Do these people who scream and protest know what it is to be without medical insurance? How stressful it could be?

In this country, if someone loses his/her job...along goes with it the medical insurance ! COBRA can help to some extent but the costs will be pretty high for a family.

God bless you, if you end up with some medical condition or emergency when you are without Insurance. Bills could run to thousands of dollars.

Take my case - When I had my heart attack last year, my Insurance took care of the bill completely, but I did get the bill...! It was over 70,000 USD. Imagine, if I didn't have insurance !
Try getting Medical Insurance with pre-existing conditions and you'll know how it is.

All of you, who scream and yell...Please think about it. You'll realize how important the reform is, only when one of your family members / friends goes without insurance!

Sometimes, politicians/public in the US behave even worse than those back home.


Anonymous said...

hello narayanan!

I heard many times US insurance problems. Back in France, everybody is entitled to 65 percent remboursement by Social Security and the balance 35 percent will be taken care by insurance. If one loses job, the balance 35 percent will also be taken care by Social security. No more Insurance! From obamas speech, i understand he wants to implement the same system prevalent in france.

Anonymous said...

Enna Sir, Swine flu testing ku website illenngara karanathaala chennaiku shame..

richest country in the universe la more than 75 million peopl ku health insurance illa..and see how screwed up the health system in US is? idhuku enna oru panivaana post. idhu nyayama?