Friday, August 07, 2009

Fake faces

We all fake. We all have two faces. We show one to some and the other one to others. Some even have multiple faces.

As we grow older in life, we are able to see these faces. We try to alter ourselves to have one face..but rarely do we succeed. We go to our graves with our faces.

Ask your better-half, your parents, your kids, friends, colleagues at work, your neighbors and you'll know your multiple faces.

Let's face it - That's the way life is.

The next time on.... try a few ounces of
this. You'll realize and think about your own face. It might be an eyeopener !!

Happy Weekend !


DTD Time Traveler said...

"Let's face it"...nicely put.

Wine? Well it does help you relax and possibly care less about hiding your real face I don't know that it is a good solution. Did wine help you write this blog post?

Icy Cool said...

I completely agree. Life is a farce.I have thought of this many times