Sunday, August 09, 2009

Deepak Dev

Deepak Dev - Malayalam music industry must be proud to have a MD like Deepak. I fell in love with his music, the first time I listened to 'Thumbi kinaaram' from Naran.

His latest from 'Pudhiya Mugam', 'Picha Vecha' is probably breaking records in Kerala already, if what I see on the Malayalam TV channels is any indication.

Here is the beautiful song - sung by Deepak first and then the one from the movie. I am very impressed at Deepak's singing, not to mention the reactions of Mr.Alphonse and my favorite M.Jayachandran !

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Krishnan Prasad said...

With all due respects to Deepak Dev, I think he was inspired by "jalte hai jiske liye" 1959 song from the movie Sujata. You can listen to this song using this link -