Monday, July 27, 2009

The White Tiger - Piece of Art !

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Anger - That was my emotion when I finished Arvind Adiga's
'The White Tiger' a few weeks back. Angry at the society, politicians and everything else that drove that story to the finish.

Empathy - That was my emotion when I finished 'The Kite Runner' a few days back. Too emotional that I had to skip a few pages in the closing chapters !!

Both 'The White Tiger' and 'The Kite Runner' are amazing books. They definitely deserve all the praises/prizes that has been showered upon them.

First 'White Tiger':

It's a shame that I didn't read enough reviews of this wonderful novel by my fellow bloggers. Bloggers who usually cover John Grisham, Chetan Bhagat and the likes.

Bloggers who read and write about books glorifying the homeland. Bloggers who write about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs !

For some weird reason they have all ignored reading this wonderful novel, or for some reason never wrote about how good the book is !

This book is 100% fact...though it's wonderfully woven into a great story. Not sure if the author was angered by the happenings in the society..but that's what it looks like to me. My blood pressure was definitely higher that 120/80 as I read thru this story !

One of my fellow Desi blogger mentioned - PEOPLE FEEL THAT THE BOOK WAS WRITTEN FOR THE WEST ! What a shame. So much of ignorance I thought.

Every Indian, every young and old Indian alike must read this it loud 100 times ! I wish they translate this wonderful book into the other Indian languages.

I wish I could meet with Mr.Arvind Adiga, to shake his hands for a great story.



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Sumi said...

hmm, interesting! the book is on my shelf for quite some time, just didn't feel like opening. will start reading it right away, thanks for the reminder review :}