Monday, July 27, 2009

Cycle Rack - Amtrak

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Cycle rack - Amtrak Capitol Corridor via my D50

Being Green

I see a lot of people driving their bicycles to work. Very admirable quality I feel.

This is the cycle rack in the 'Amtrak' train that goes from Sacramento to San Jose.

'CAPITOL CORRIDOR' is the name of the route.

What am I doing here ?

I have a train pass and I take Amtrak to work whenever possible !

Being Green - Everyone can do their part !

We have only one home - EARTH

Let's take care of it !

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DTD Time Traveler said...

In ten days I fly to Italy to bike around it with friends, but I will need to take the train a few times. I hope that there are nice racks like these ones on those trains.

darshan said...

Bicycle is the best way for travels
and it is a very cheap as per Economically

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guyfromblore said...

In the one year that I took this train, I noticed that the number of bikes that showed up on the train kept increasing - so much so that bikes began to take up almost all the space on the lower section of the train :-)
I don't know if it was the higher gas prices or if it was just a greater environmental/ health awareness, but it was definitely an encouraging trend.

btw, how far do you ride on this train? It can be a frustratingly slow ride at times, particularly when this train has to contend with the freight trains for signals!