Sunday, May 17, 2009

The weed is gone !

Congratulations Mr.Rajapaksa on going this far and wiping out LTTE to near extinction, thereby regaining your country back from the terrorists.

It takes a lot of courage and I am glad Mr.Rajapaksa did it right.

Forget the brickbats, forget the sympathisers of LTTE, I am sure a lot of tamils today would be happy !

The loss of innocent lives in this battle is very sad. LTTE now claims to have surrendered ( sic ) for this reason:

On the verge of defeat, the rebels offered to lay down their arms, saying they wanted to protect civilian lives. There was no immediate response from the government, but it has ignored rebel calls for a cease-fire in recent months.

What a shame! If they truly cared for the civilian lives, they should have put down their arms a long time ago, when they knew they didn't have anywhere to go. Cowards !

But..I guess they were waiting for a ship from India to go and rescue them, which ( probably ) never happened !

Whatever...Congratulations Mr.Rajapaksa. Get to work now and please don't let the LTTE to realign.

Please ensure that another group doesn't emerge from the ashes of the LTTE.

What I mean to say is :

Please take care of the Tamil population in Srilanka.

I want to listen to:

இலங்கை ஒலிபரப்புக் கூட்டுத் தாபனம்
தமிழ்ச் சேவை இரண்டு


Anonymous said...

yov...mooduyya...saavadikkaatha...unakellam arivu ngrathu oru mannum kedayathu...puligal eh azhikkave mudiyaathu...ethanai rajapalshe vanthaalum tamil cause and pulighal poraattaamum vaazgum....neer moodum....

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hello Anon..!! Welcome Mr.! Thanks for the comment !

Go do a EEG tomorrow and try to get a brain !

Anonymous said...

How come a nation like us with non-violence as philosophy could support prabhkaran! ludicrous! satyameva jayate ! As Mr.Narayanan said, i am also looking forward for the upliftment of tamils once these weeds are out

Anonymous said...

the very attitude of yours that only you have got brains and other have no access to EEG or some shit to ascertain the presence of their brain shows how clumsy you can be in terms of your opinions. If you have a point or analyze a situation address the merits and demerits of the situation..else sit back can be no obnoxious weed kinds that keep pestering all wrong info...the point being the whole point of this war is to eliminate LTTE (a) tamils...and if you fools in paradise expect the asshole rajapakshe to heed to any of the tamil needs anymore after prabakharan is a big joke...this war will only be a prelude to hoards of travails that will be heaped upon the tamils in future..unakko oru vengaayamum theryaathu...rajiv gandhi enga vaenumna yaara vaenumnaalum poyi kolluvaaru avara kollakoodathu...kollurathae thappu ithuleh enna nyayam aniyaayam..kathi eduthavanukku kathiyaala thaan saaavu..athu LTTE kum porunthum Rajiv gandhi kum porunthum...and you fools however u try cant make a demon of one and amartyr of another...and for all mediocrities and dynastic inheritances that sum up rajiv gandhi his killing was a shot in the arm for the congress to have propelled him into the leagues of martyrs who died for this country...shame on the real is really good that the power of internet is helping u kind of people being connected with ur country...but atheh vechikitu u use every chance to belittle this country....nee oruthan pugazhndho allathu kaari thuppiyo intha naatil periya maatram aerpada povathillai....unamiyaana maaatram aerpadutha vaendiyavargal kalathil ullaarghal.ungalai pol inaya thalthil u better know your limitations about ur writings before wanting to write anything about everything....and if u still think one can write all these without having done a EEG (aaama appdi na enna?) to confirm the presence of his brain i have nothing but a smile for you and i for one will definitely never be silly and kiddisha nd childish like u to suggests some tests.....

Arjuna said...

I thought I shouldnt comment -- but I am forced to comment after such a long time -- Narayana Venkitu sir -- with deep respect to you -- I guess you have not suffered at the hands of these singhalese bastards! My uncle's baby was burnt alive in hot tar in Colombo in 1983. If there was no Prabhakaran, there wouldnt have been any notion of tamils in SL..Today I got a call from Jaffna -- saying that my cousin's daughter (3 yr old) has been kidnapped in Jaffna (controlled by the army) and they want 3 million ransom! This is what you would be hearing in many days to come..

When Prabhakaran was there -- these dickheads didnt have the guts to do anything like this!

He is a hero - and now a martyr!

You talk abt Rajiv Gandhi -- but what abt dileepan, and the others who were killed by the IPKF. What about the women who were gang rapped? What abt my granduncle who was beaten to death by the IPKF?

And now you support Mahinda -- have you forgotten that the same singhalese bastards tried killing your Rajeev? And that bastard is a minister in SL?

Very sad that ppl dont really know the real status and plight of tamils..Probably one reason why tamils never succeeded!

Lumbergh-in-training said...

Mr. Arjuna, Prabhakaran may have started in your favour, but somewhere along the line, he got haughty, and lost sight of both the people he was supposed to protect and his own goals shadowed the original goals... I too would have supported Prabhakaran, but my sympathy for him went down with the assassination of TELO, EPRLF leaders, and was totally erased when he ordered the wiping out of Rajiv Gandhi. He had the sympathy of the western countries, until he eliminated someone who would've protected the LTTE and even Prabhakaran had he surrendered, that is the late Lakshman Kadirgamar.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


What started as a noble cause ended up in a mess, killing innocents and leaders in the bargain.

It's all about Prabhakaran and his acts.

Rajiv Gandhi is the Head of a state. Who is Dileepan.

What about the killings of Padmanabha? Amirthalingam? and a whole bunch of other people.

Why was he an anarchist? if Tamil Eelam was his only thought?

Please list out either in your blog or for that I can post, the list of accomplishments by LTTE for tamils.

I feel sad for the SL Tamils including the tragedy in your family.

What was the status and the status now? Please elaborate.

PS - Don't get me wrong. I am not against the Tamils or their issues. I am only against LTTE and Prabhakaran !

Raaj said...

Its apparent that you are only against LTTE and Prabhakaran. But the point here is, please care to mention about the atrocities of the SL govt too. The BBC website clearly mentions how tough it is to report anything from SL, journalists being denied visas and plotting elimination of local journalists writing about the govt etc. See

When you write about only one side of the story, the tendency is to assume you are supporting the other side. Thats not fair. I never even visited SL but from what I read, their govt also did not do a lot of things right. Its hard for us to even imagine what kind of plight people go through, growing up and living in safe places. Who knows what we all would become, god forbid, if we had to endure such a crisis.

And that was beautiful when you asked 'Who is Dileepan' ? As though he is any less as human compared to that head of state, Amirthalingam, Padmanabha etc. Shows you did not mind him being killed, for all the insight you give. Keep it going ! :-)

Arjuna said...

Venkitu sir - you may want to read this:

Regd thileepan,

If you have time check out all the parts..

One more thing Venkitu sir -- if you think VP had killed all the ones you mentioned -- y do u think millions of tamil diaspora are still supporting him and consider him to be their leader?

Irrespective of the strategic and tactical mistakes, he is the only political monogamy, who stands for the Tamil cause for ever... All others are... Political prostitutes

Naren's said...

"It is not the critic who counts ; not the man who points out how the strong man , or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood ; who strives valiantly ; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming ; but who does actually strive to do the deeds ; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions ; who spends himself in a worthy cause ; who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory or defeat"-Theodore Roosevelt

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Arjuna - The first link doesn't work.

I want a honest answer from you.

Please list down what Prabhakaran and LTTE has done in the last 25 years, that has helped the Tamils.

What would have happened in these 25 years...if there was no LTTE !

Actually - What's actually happening in SriLanka today. How are the Tamils being oppressed. What do the Tamils want?

Can it all be accomplished without violence and innocent Deaths ?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

For the Anon-

Please mind your language...I am keeping your comments still for one reason - I appreciate your thoughts.

I strongly discourage using S*** and other such words in my blog.

Hope you understand.

Thank you

Jo said...

Perhaps my comment on this issue may be wrong, since I don't live in Sri Lanka and can't get real life stories and have to rely on what the media publishes.

But what I have read from a Malayalam magazine here - in an interview with a Tamil Muslim woman from Sri Lanka - does not give me any clear impression on LTTE and the Singhalese alike. That woman accused of LTTE to forcefully recruiting people, and segregating Muslims. Just a quick search in the Wiki shows that Prabhakaran has ruthlessly killed Tamil Muslims, just because they are Muslims. He did an ethnic cleansing, by asking the Muslims to leave from LTTE territories. The Wiki entry says that their properties were then looted by LTTE, and when some Christians who kept guardians of the properties of Muslims who left, their properties were also looted. How can a leader like this represent the "Tamil cause" if he exterminates his own people, who were born to a different religion? What kind of a leader is he?

The woman in the interview says "LTTE segregated us for being Muslims, and then Singhalese segregated us for being Tamils. What would we do?"

Does the LTTE or it's supporters have any answer on this? How is this any different from supporting VHP or such extreme organization? LTTE deserves an extinction and there should be a Gandhian kind of leader to fight for the cause of Tamils.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised at you. I had an earlier habit of frequenting Mr.Naryanan's music related posts and find them interesting. But his social posts are anything but that of...well, lack in all but emotion. I have read some of your society-relevant posts, they were thought provoking posts which are detailed and factual, and to read something so diluted, and narrow, as I would expect from Mr. Narayanan here, is surprising.

Of course, there were administrative problems even with LTTE. India is an example of administrative problems. Would you say the cause for an independent India for the people was/is wrong? Likewise, there is a reason why the Tamil people love the LTTE. Today, without their protection, their properties and their safety is gone. At least before, the fear of retaliation made sure people in Colombo and other parts were safe. Likewise, with all its faults, don't you find some security within your reach?

Regarding the muslim issue, around 8000 were killed by dissents and fights from muslim-based groups. Today, the man who took full responsibility of evacuating the muslims from certain regions, enjoys royal status in the Srilankan government.

The problem is, so far, I have seen people reading the propaganda of Srilanka, of India, Asia and West. How many tried to read the accounts of LTTE members, the people who support or suffered, or books from their perspective? Not one Indian person I have read english blogs of, has gone to the extent of really looking beyond what was dished out to them. I think many forget, that for 30 years, the Tamil people were approaching the through peaceful means just like Gandhi, in all of which, they were targeted with violence! Tell me, would a Jew have been able to go to Hitler with flowers and talk peace?
Well, that's what the LTTE did and frankly, many bigshots got killed relying on what US and Norway said. It's unfortunate, their fight carried over for so long, in this time when even Gandhi(the Mahatma, not the massacre-prone family) would have been referred to as terrorist.

Jo, I got prompted to comment simply because it was you, who I haven't seen comment on this issue before. Please do post on your website, for further discussion. I hate to take Mr. Narayanan's space.


Jo said...


What I have learned from Internet were the following:

1) In the North Sri Lanka, the LTTE forcibly expelled the 75,000 strong Muslim population from the Northern Province

2) The first expulsion was in Chavakacheri, of 1,500 people. After this, Muslims in Kilinochchi and Mannar were forced many to leave their homeland. The turn of Jaffna came on October 30, 1987; when LTTE trucks drove through the streets ordering Muslim families to assemble at Osmania College. There, they were told to exit the city within two hours.

The above incidents remind me of the Natzi era.

I don't know how you would classify my views on the atrocities committed against one group as "narrow" and the other as broader. I am against the segregation of Tamils in Sri Lanka and I think the new government should ensure the Thamizhans involved in the government, army, bureaucracy etc and I think India has a good role to play in holding the SL government accountable for that. But I do not support LTTE in that process (no matter what good intentions they had in the beginning of the formation of LTTE, they later turned out to be a terrorizing organization).

One link that I read that tells the story of what Tamil Muslims face from Singhalese -

And a Wiki page that talks about what the same group has to face from LTTE -

Regarding the muslim issue, around 8000 were killed by dissents and fights from muslim-based groups.Please provide a link (possibly from a neutral point of view rather than LTTE support website) on this, so that I can read more about this issue. I am willing to learn.

Would you say the cause for an independent India for the people was/is wrong?No. But the leaders of the freedom fight did not segregate people in India based on the religion/region/caste/creed. Instead they united them all in the fight against British. I think Sri Lanka had their own freedom struggle with the British. What followed was an India-Pakistan kind of situation I believe, which should have solved out properly but it did not happen.

The LTTE's struggle has not produced much good results. So many Tamils have lost their life. Many have been displaced. Many had to flee their homeland. Many have been forced to join the LTTE and blow up themselves. And with their other attitude towards the minority-within-minority, I don't think LTTE is what the Sri Lankan Tamils need to keep on with their fight for dignity and pride.

Anonymous said...

Narrow for the sentence without events leading, but I was glad you gave two sides material. The Sinhala that say this, also need to answer, why have the muslims are in front of this country's parliament, yelling to unban LTTE? For that matter, it was my understanding that christians made up a considerable percentage of their army.

I can't accept Taliban. The foundation itself was on foul goals and it is scary. I also can't accept LTTE army termed terrorists. Then, I have to regard all gov'ts as terrorists. As a recent post on your blog said, (loosely) there is little difference between suicide bombing, and sending aerial rockets at civilians.

Brit nationalization of kingdoms into India has acceptance which grew over the 2 centuries they were there, due to many factors, including the independent movement. But Brit nationalization of Ceylon was wrong then, when Sinhala monks were the suicide-bombers attacking the English, while Tamils received English administration with more acceptance, and today, when the roles are reversed and the Tamils find themselves in a pickle. Contrary to your believe, there was never a great movement. SL's independence was a natural process of Britain's exit from South Asia. No Pak/India. The referundum for autonomy came in 1976, which, was not honored. The dominance and discrimination was a gradual event. Governance was given to majority, and constitution written according to Sinhala Buddhist ways.

Rajapakshe was an advocate for a Sinhala terrorist outfit that was defeated in the early 90s by the govt. Him gaining support and trust of Tamils after the most brutal and genocidal attack of all? Well, unless Mr. Rajapakshe carries out a farce show for the $2Billion IMF loan.

Regarding India's involvement. History has always proved negative on that. Looks like the LTTE are the only ones who keep insisting India as friend, the Tamil diaspora want EU/US/CAN.

Regardless of needing a scapegoat for their war on terrorism, countries in EU/North America have enough Tamils and the impact of their protests lately moving enough, that they realize that genuine problems need to be fixed.

Initially, I was exhausted at these people refusing to accept anyone other than LTTE as their representatives. Today, I understand why. The LTTE may have been brutally strict in administration that even Tamils voiced their anger many times, but they were also their protectors. The calls coming in now, from Colombo and other regions of Srilanka paint a drastically different picture than that of what Srilanka clearly allows to be shown to the world. I see what sort of a support the existence of LTTE gave to the Tamil people who lived in other parts of the country. Srilanka may claim that they have erradicated the country's security threat, but the Tamils, are mourning the loss of their security.

Hate is easily driven than love. In SL society, has been driven by that since independence and before. A bad marriage is a bad marriage. Trying to keep by force, regardless of genuine disgust and hate, isn't going to help anything. A nation full of people ruining each others lives is not excusable. Why must the Tamils be punished for Britain's actions?

The Tamils are guilty too. They are proud, too proud, about their cultural and linguistic history; I am wondering how and why they kept their language, religion and customs over 2.5 millenias, when all over India, there were so many changes:-( But today, I know it has gone too far in SL, even if I became a witness of it all at the end of the road.

For a background on mindsets, from 20 years ago, to today:





Mr.Narayanan, sorry. I owe a huge apology for taking all this space. Feel free to delete afterwards. Thanks


Jo said...

Kajan -

You haven't addressed my question about LTTE's ethnic cleansing of Muslims. You said you don't accept Taliban. The formation of Taliban also attributes to the wrong policies of USA. Similarly, I read that there are some minor Islamist groups growing up in SL these days, which attributes to the atrocities committed by LTTE against Muslims. Who knows, these minor forces won't form a SL wing of Taliban in the future? So would you still not blame LTTE for that?

Earlier, you mentioned Karuna and said it was an administration problem of LTTE. In that way, IPKF was Rajiv's administration problem and SL issue was SL govt's administration problem. Or we can link every single issue in the world to an administrative problem. But not all of those who are responsible for those issues are murdered by those who protest against it. So, how can we justify the LTTE murdering Rajiv Gandhi and many SL officials and politicians? And when those people are killed Prabhakaran lived on. And now when Prabhakaran is killed, some people are worked up against it. How is that justifiable?

Anonymous said...

Just check this interview..a govt on the rampage in denial about killing its people like dogs..and u guys want to leave innocents under the mercy of such liars

Jo said...

Kajan, Anonymous - Thanks for the links. I will go through it.

Anon - just to add, I do not deny the segregation of Tamils, am just saying that I do not support LTTE.

sadha said...

Hello Mr.Venkat,

i guess we need to understand certain stale 50 years history behind the story.

pain of freedom are very well realized by our grand-pas than us. its like that..

here is one crazy URL for your reference.

Caution:: you may encounter some unpredicatble pictures.