Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rahul Gandhi

Pic courtesy: The Net

This is what the LTTE did to India a few decades back !!
Memories of that sad day still linger in my heart.

Pic courtesy: The Net

This is today.

I am happy to see and hear that Rahul Gandhi is one of the reasons for UPA's thumping win in this election.

This time, he will be a Minister for sure and I love it.

India badly needs a leader like him.

My hope is, he'll become the Prime Minister in the next elections !

Only time can tell.

Until then - Best wishes 'Rahul' !


Antony said...

Why do you vouch for a clan / dynasty to rule India ?

In 2004,Rahul was reported to have been dating Veronica, an architect from Spain. The two met while at university. [24]

Another firangi Bahu at 10 Janpath ??

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Antony - Grow up my friend. So what if he dates someone from Spain?

Do you want to go and see what our '100% Desi' Politicians are doing in Bed? Whom they are sleeping with?

India today, needs a strong leader, who can unify and get India out of Corruption !

Don't worry about Clan/dynasty!

A Doosra Perspective said...

I guess you are giving too much credit to Rahul Gandhi.
Winning 20 seats in UP is a great achievement?

He brought leaders from SP and BSP who are already strong in there district and they won on there own. Congress spent thousands of crores and in TN they spent money in huge proportions to win this elections.

It is not a fair victory for congress party and the party knows it too.

Chidambaram lost his seat and EC orders a recounting and Chidambaram wins in the recount. is it possible?

All was not fair in this election.

Rahul will be Prime minister in few months time, you don't need to wait for the next elections. PM is too good man and he will resign on health grounds and pass the baton to Rahul sooner than you expect.

A Doosra Perspective said...

As a indian i certainly don't need Congress to rule the country.

India does not need to have a leader like him. India can do a lot without him.

CONGRESS- Children of Nehru Gandhi Ruining Every Single State.

Anonymous said...


Please, add a picture of the gory events that unfolded by India in Srilanka, by the same guys father then and today, by the mother.

I wonder, why it is, that this country and citizens justify the deaths of thousands of Sikhs and Tamils, while the death of one is glorified. Then again, hypocrisy is part of the culture.
Congress India is the reason why thousands of people are burning alive today.
Then again, I guess that goes behind the hindu custom line.

Its too bad. Mahatma Gandhi and Indian Freedom fighters fought with Gentlemen and won. Prabakaran should have realized he was pitting against Animals before picking up weapons.

Now, the western gentlemen have to come and rescue the Tamils. I hope they at least get that done.


Anonymous said...

Dear Doosra,
I believe you are another of this desi's living abroad and dont get to exercise your voting rights.

Congress which finished in 4 place in UP last time around,has come to 2nd place now.Give credit where its due - Rahul IS the sole reason behind Congress's revival in UP.

//Chidambaram lost his seat// Really?Only the Election commission appointed presiding officer can announce the results.He announced the results for Sivaganga only once.Prior to that ADMK camp released info that they won,whereas in reality it was PC.Again ADMK camp asked for recount,pathetic I would say as we dont have ballots now and its EVM.Nevertheless recounting was done and PC declared winner.

//in TN they spent money in huge proportions to win this elections//
So what about JJ.Do you know how much she paid as rent alone for the 2 private jets + 1 Jackson Helicopter she used for campaigning in this elections?

//As a indian i certainly don't need Congress to rule the country//
For that you should spend your money,come to India on a polling day,vote and then SPEAK.Until you do that you have no rights to talk about this elections.

//CONGRESS- Children of Nehru Gandhi Ruining Every Single State//

Whatever.But to just rub it in,Children of Nehru Gandhi Ruining Every Single State is going to Rule India for next 5 years - go suck upto Obama until he kicks you out.

Anonymous annae,
Congress India is not the reason why thousand's died in Lanka.It was a meglomaniac who lived in his own world and he led his people to their doom.

//Prabakaran should have realized he was pitting against Animals before picking up weapons//
He himself was an animal.What else do you call someone who killed all his fellow tamil leader's and their follower's ruthlessly.Where were you when he killed all of them - roaming around in your undies??

Lumbergh-in-training said...

I think Kajan is one of those Sri Lankan Tamils...

he says "while the death of one is glorified." Does he really think that only one person died when a suicide bomber exploded herself?

The people who witnessed it have said on record, that lady was initially shooed away by the policemen but Rajiv Gandhi invited her to be close with him.

It was Congress governments that supported LTTE in the initial stages, providing training and logistics, and helped LTTE grow to the level it was, before they bit the hand that fed them. Now, they are getting their arse kicked, it is coincidental that Congress is in power now... Don't try to deflect your blames somewhere else.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ladies / Gentlemen

Thanks for your thoughts. I don't want to go deep into LTTE / cast/clan etc !

IMHO - Rahul Gandhi will be the next PM of India after Dr.Singh.

I think he deserves it. I am very hopeful that he will lead India to a brighter future.

A Doosra Perspective said...

@ Anonymous

District collector Announced that AIADMK has won, the PC requested for a recount in two booths Recounting was ordered,After the recounting PC won the seat by the same margin

First he lost by 3555 votes
and second time he won 3555 votes.

Is it possible.

I said I don't want congress,

I voted in this election to make sure

I am not saying AIADMK is better or DMK is better, I voted to get rid of these parties. I voted for a independent in my constituency.

I have the right to criticize this government and thats what i said.

I do work in a investment bank in NY, I planned a visit and came here and voted.

I am not going to stay back in the BIG APPLE, I will come back and i will make a difference to my land.

I will come back before Obama Kicks me out.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Doosra Persp - Obama is not going to kick you out my friend.

Hang in there. IMHO it doesn't matter where you are and what you do ( can to ! ).

Indian Voter said...

What happened to Rajiv was really sad and inexcusable. LTTE calling that as 'thunbiyal incident' is also rubbish.

But then, what has the above got to do with Congress's victory in polls. I am puzzled as what makes you think that Rahul will be a good PM. I don't have anything against that chap. But he hasn't displayed any great qualities to warrant such a praise. All he has got (or all he has displayed so far) is a very valuable surname.

Ganesh Venkittu said...

Ramesh -

Other than Harvard educated, and son of Rajiv Gandhi, what do you know about him (rahul gandhi) ?

it is this endemic of supporting a person without regard to his true colors/capabilities that plagues india....

what we need is truly for each party to have primaries/caucuses..each party should nominate their "chosen" contestants and let people vote for them in preliminaries and later on field them as the candidates...

its mere speculation that Rahul Gandhi would do things to India....for 62 years, one family had ruled india.....why? each of them are educated abroad, yet what have the average citizens achieved?

Do you know what if any priorities Rahul Gandhi ( or for that matter that family ) have for India? other than saying "I want youth to be in politics", what was his agenda in the past election..

your point is sore Ramesh


Raaj said...

NV Saar,

Please give us a list of things that Rahul Gandhi has done that convinces you that he can be the prime minister of India. Especially as you say 'India badly needs a leader like him'.

This is not counter argument, but a humble request to learn from your knowledge and wisdom. Because I would not make such statements of a person who has just started his political career. For all we (except you) know, he may come good, but we know very little information about him to make conclusions. Please enlighten.

Jo said...

Rahul has grown up to be a 'good' politician. I would agree with it. Look at all the publicity stunts he made before the elections (carrying the mud along with a worker, meeting a British official in a remote village etc). So he proved himself to be a good politician of the Indian standards.

But can he become the PM? I don't know. And to those who have been against Rahul becoming PM here, what have the other prominent politicians have to qualify themselves to be the PM? Advani has Babri Masjid, Modi has Gujarat riots and they qualify to become good PMs? (Okay, now you may show the Vibrant Gujarat image, but go through Rahul has cleverly used his Gandhi name charisma (people of India for some reason seems to be still worshiping that name) to strengthen his party. That is his ability. He could gain some votes in the Hindi heartland for congress. He strengthened the youth congress. These are his abilities as a politician. And it seems to have worked. And in this political process, he did not add fuel to any communal hatred like the oldies in BJP. So why shouldn't he take some credit?